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Vision and Mission


The University of National and World Economy /UNWE/ envisages itself in the future as a leader among higher schools in Southeastern Europe educating students and conducting research in the field of economics, management and administration.

  • UNWE will continue being an important factor for reforms and development of higher education and R&D activities as a basis for achieving the strategic objectives set out in the National Development Programme: Bulgaria 2020 and the Strategy for Development of Higher Education in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • UNWE will continue enhancing its contribution to building modern, effective and continuously evolving higher education system having as center the man with its personality and intellectual potential, a system providing qualitative, accessible, based on scientific results and market oriented higher education.  
  • In the next years the UNWE social-economic role will be characterized with effective educational and scientific research activities aimed at: substantial enhancement of higher education quality and its compatibility with the European higher education systems in order to occupy a worthy place in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA); building sustainable and effective relation to the labour market and achievement of dynamical conformity between the supply and demand for highly qualified specialists of higher education; stimulation of scientific research activity and innovations aimed at the market economy; management system modernization; improvement of approaches and mechanisms of career development for lecturers and stimulation for the best lecturers; expansion and strengthening of the network for lifelong learning; broad application of various digital forms of distance learning.
  • UNWE will continue modernizing its educational and scientific research activity in the field of social, economic, legal and humanitarian sciences in conditions of increasing competitiveness and dynamic changes in the European and national context.
  • UNWE will continue strengthening its leadership positions in the following professional fields: Economics, Management and Administration, Law, Political Sciences, Sociology, Anthropology and Cultural Sciences, Public Communications and Information Sciences.
  • UNWE will continue strengthening as a leading educational and research institution with significant contribution to the successful implementation of the National Development Programme: Bulgaria 2020 and achievement of the key objectives set out in the renowned EC Higher Education Programme: overcoming mismatches between the student skills and labour market and promoting excellence in development of their skills; building inclusive and related higher education systems; supporting effective higher education systems.
  • The competence and motivation of lecturers and researchers will be set out as center of further successful development and modernization of UNWE. In this respect, the University will continue improving its system for selection, training and assessment of lecturers as a basis for their professional development and prerequisite for targeted renewal of academic staff.
  • UNWE will develop its leadership potential by modernizing the computer-information facilities as well as the policies for attraction and career growth of young lecturers in conditions of dynamic changes and increasing competitiveness in the educational and scientific research activity. In this respect, the improvement of approaches and mechanisms to develop the teaching and research competencies of academic staff as well as the incorporation of modern methods for career growth will play major role. The improvement of teaching methods and enrichment of research tool kit by using the information and computer technologies will have a leading role in the policies for career development of young lecturers.
  • UNWE progress is part of the national and European strategic programmes and initiatives for enhancing the effectiveness of systems for education and training as a basis for developing equitable, opened democratic societies, sustainable growth and employment.
  • UNWE will provide students with competencies of being entrepreneurial, proactive, innovative as well as to develop creative and independent thinking, use digital resources and communicate effectively. The skills of independent thinking and problem solving are the basis for their fast integration in the labour market and sustainable professional fulfilment.
  • UNWE will continue basing its successful academic activity on concentrating the efforts on university programmes and curricula in compliance with the educational needs of students, effective development of their skills and competencies, employer requirements and labour market dynamics. In this respect, the University will encourage the elaboration of wide range of eligible programmes, opportunities for constant professional development, use of modern technologies for updating the structure and organization of academic process, cooperation with employers, improvement of distance online learning and combined learning for enhancing flexibility and interaction between the lecturers and students. The targeted increase of practically applied component in the education and providing students with the necessary professional competencies will continue developing by involving employers, organizations and institutions in the elaboration and implementation of educational programmes in the context of dynamic changes of the present and future labour market demands.
  • UNWE will continue improving the effective approaches and mechanisms for adapting the academic and research activity to the dynamic social-economic environment in national and global context.
  • UNWE will continue strengthening its image as an academic institution opened for challenges to society by including the national, local, regional and societal issues in educational process and involving representatives of state and local authorities, business, non-governmental organizations in teaching process and research projects providing education to adults and building relations with various social communities.
  • UNWE will continue expanding, strengthening and enriching its cooperation with the other Bulgarian and foreign higher schools as well as with the service providers in the sphere of vocational education and training.
  • UNWE will continue encouraging the organized volunteer and social work as a prerequisite to improve the practical experience and skills of students.
  • UNWE will continue its traditions to take active part in the development of municipalities and regions and cooperate with the business, public sector and volunteer organizations.
  • The UNWE significant scientific potential is set out as center of its strategic objective to elaborate new solutions to economic, social and ecological problems and enhance the university contribution to the innovations as the most important driver for economic growth. In this respect, for stimulating creativity and initiative of students and lecturers as a source of new ideas and discoveries, positive innovation and entrepreneurial culture will be created at the UNWE.
  • UNWE will continue being an important factor for supporting the initiative for smart specialization in order to provide public authorities with scientific knowledge and assistance in the field. In all specialities and forms of education the UNWE will continue creating appropriate prerequisites for providing students with competencies to understand new concepts, develop creative and critical thinking and act entrepreneurially for the elaboration and implementation of new ideas. 
  • UNWE will continue strengthening its cooperation with the employers, entrepreneurs and local authorities as well as to conform the educational opportunities offered by them to the needs identified in the smart specialization strategies.
  • Through its educational and scientific research activity the UNWE will continue developing and expanding its role as a scientific and spiritual center with common cultural mission creating and spreading new knowledge, contributing to better understanding about the world and enrichment of its material and spiritual culture.
  • UNWE will continue integrating an international and intercultural dimension in its educational and scientific research activity by preparing its students, lecturers and officials for the challenges to the globalizing world.
  • UNWE will continue adapting its educational programmes depending on the changes in the international environment as well as to attract foreign students, stimulate the international mobility of its students and lecturers by striving to expand and strengthen the international cooperation with leading foreign universities and international research institutions.
  • UNWE will continue developing in compliance with the European and national strategy for providing high-quality education contributing to the overall personality development and preparing students for their professional fulfilment as well as for their social and civil role in conditions of open, dynamic and democratic society.


I. The UNWE is called to form highly educated persons who are able to lead the society to a more perfect and humane world.

It means:

  1. To support the overall intellectual development of its students as well as to develop their literacy in the widest sense by setting out high standards of spiritual life in conditions of the new world of knowledge and information.
  2. To provide its students with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they could be able to solve creatively present and future problems in the field of economics, management, law and politics by using and improving the methods of harmonic complex of classical and modern academic disciplines as well as basing on the most modern information.
  3. To develop the abilities of its students to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the world we live in as well as their belief in the worth of freedom, in the responsibility to search for the truth and the courage to defend it, in the social sensitivity to the general prosperity of present and future generations and to the human rights of all people.
  4. To support the motivation of its students to continue educating throughout their lives and to provide them as well as all interested citizens with the opportunities for continuing education which updates and specifies the academic level of their knowledge and skills in line with the practical requirements.
  5. The University serves to its students and considers them as a focus of its objectives. The diploma issued by the University to its graduates is a certificate for the implementation of its mission.

II. The UNWE holds the responsibity for sustaining and developing a highly educated academic staff of prominent, nationally and internationally acknowledged professors and scientists.

The University objectives are:

  1. To support the efforts of its academic staff in developing and enriching the academic educational programmes with the world highest achievements in the field of knowledge as well as in compliance with the society demands to apply high standards of teaching and educational technologies fully combining the global trends with the Bulgarian and university traditions.
  2. To develop the opportunities for innovative partnerships of its academic staff with the business, public administrations and international academic community, to create conditions and support the elaboration and dissemination of intellectual research product conducive to the progress of dynamic and sustainably developing economy and society.
  3. To encourage and set up high standards for creative progress of its academic staff, to create an environment of mutual commitment to individual scientific development and evaluation of advantages of a large diversity of people and ideas united by the mutual confidence and striving for serving to the University in a tolerant and pluralistic academic community.
  4. To create material and any other kind of necessary conditions for raising the prestige and authority of its academic staff as people having an important and unique contribution to the social development in conditions of fair assessment of their work.

III. The UNWE is called to strengthen and develop its positions as undisputed, respected and valuable territory of the national and European educational and research area.

The University objectives are:

  1. To keep fervently its academic autonomy and institutional integrity having them as a basis to maintain the highest standards of intellectual development, academic freedom and social responsibility proclaiming widely of their observance and searching for the public assessment of it.
  2. To build up and develop the relationships, cooperation and mobility of its academic staff, students and administration with the leading Bulgarian and foreign universities, to search purposefully and analyse the positive experience as meanwhile applies it in the most appropriate way, to take active part in development and suggestion of ideas for progress of the national and European educational area.
  3. To support and develop highly qualified administrative staff set to serve to the University and to the implementation of its mission, to assist and encourage the progress of knowledge and experience of its administrative staff in the field of management and its functioning in the management systems.
  4. To develop the university library, as well as all university information and materially-technical facilities tending to achieve the highest European standards in line with the progress of information and communication technologies.

As it is based on its best long standing traditions, the UNWE is obliged to enrich and strengthen its image as a dynamically developing, modern Bulgarian and European educational and research institution.