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ELA Accreditation


International Accreditation by the European Logistics Association /ELA/

The Bachelor`s Degree Programme in Business Logistics as well as the Master`s Degree Programmes in Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Management – English language teaching at the UNWE Logistics and Supply Chains Department are the first accredited programmes in Bulgaria by the European Logistics Association /ELA/.

ELA is a federation of 30 independent national logistics organisations covering countries from all over and out of Europe. It aims to provide an international forum for networking, the promotion and development of the logistics and supply chain profession. As a result of its active cooperation with the business ELA establishes certification standards of logistics competence.

The ELA qualification system to certify specialists in logistics and supply chain management Is based on the European Qualification Framework /EQF/. It is widely recognized by the business and it is adopted by authoritative institutions such as the World Bank, European Investment Bank and the UN for the preparation of different mechanisms and policies to increase the logistical efficiency.

As a result of the ELA accreditation all students who have successfully completed their education on the relevant programme will have the right to obtain an internationally recognaized profesiional certificate by the ELA ensuring their professional suitability, providing them advantage at the labour market and successful professional realization in Bulgarian and international companies.

The ELA Certificate recognizes the competencies and confirms the experience in the field of logistics at three levels:

- EJLog – European Junior Logistician on the Supervisory/Operational Management level corresponding to the level 4 of the EQF;

- ESLog – European Senior Logistician on the Senior Management level corresponding to the level 6 of the EQF;

- EMLog – European Master Logistician on the Strategic Management level corresponding to the level 7 of the EQF.

The Bachelor`s and Master`s Degree Programmes led by the UNWE Logistics and Supply Chain Department cover two of the three qualification levels without taking an examination. The accredited programmes correspond to the recognized certification levels.

The ELA standards has a single framework covering 9 key field of competencies /modules/ in logistics and supply chain management. Four of them are compulsory and the rest five of them are eligible /see the scheme below/.

Modules Structure

*The above presented Modules Structure is valid for all certification levels.