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International Partnerships, Joint Degree Programmes, International Educational and Scientific Events, etc.

Contact Dr. Christian Zhelev - International Affairs Coordinator, if you wish to establish a strategic partnership agreement with UNWE.

Email: international@unwe.bg

Students and Faculty Mobility

Contact us if you are:

-       a student studying abroad, or a researcher/lecturer working abroad, and wish to come for an exchange at the UNWE or

-       a student/researcher/lecturer at the UNWE and wish to do an exchange abroad.

Email: erasmus@unwe.bg

International Students Admission

Contact us if you wish to come to the UNWE for regular studies and have questions about our bachelor’s or master’s degree programmes, entry requirements, tuition fees, etc.

Email: fstudents@unwe.bg

International PhD Students

Contact us if you have questions about our doctoral degree programmes.

Email: phd@unwe.bg

Degree Verification

Contact us if you have any degree verification requests for UNWE students.

Email: vzlatkova@unwe.bg

Jobs & Internships

Contact us if you wish to propose jobs and/or internships to UNWE students.

Email: iccd1@unwe.bg