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Doctoral examinations are held in person for full-time Doctoral students and online (in an electronic environment) for part-time and independent Doctoral students.

Doctoral students who would like to go in for examination on the appointed dates must submit an Application Form /model/ to the relevant Faculty not later than 20 days before the examination date. The Application Form is addressed to the Dean of the relevant Faculty.


 Application Form /model/


Methodology of Scientific Research



Academic Writing                                           


29 October  2023  5.30 p.m.  only online in MS Teams   


Qualitative Research Methods                                                      


25 October   2023   4.00 p.m.   Hall 2032A and MS TEAMS 
13 January   2024  9.00 p.m.  Hall 2032A and MS TEAMS




 1 December   2023   10.30 a.m.   Campus E   Hall 3067 and MS TEAMS 
23 January  2024  10.30 a.m.  Campus E  Hall 3067 and MS TEAMS
23 April  2024  10.30 a.m.  Campus E  Hall 3067 and MS TEAMS
11 June  2024  10.30 a.m.  Campus E  Hall 3067 and MS TEAMS


Statistical Data Analysis


14 November   2023  1.00 p.m.  Hall 2064 and MS TEAMS 


Study Specialisation Abroad

Procedure on Conducting, Recognition and Credit Transfer for the Discipline of Professional Field /Block А/ Study Specialization Abroad

Examination Programme