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UNWE № 1

The University of National and World Economy (UNWE) is established in 1920. It is the oldest, the most prestigious and the largest economic university in Southeastern Europe, a leader in Bulgarian and European higher education.

The efforts of the academic Managing body are orientated to the major purposes of the university - to prepare the elite of our country as it has always done so far, to be a leader in Bulgarian higher education, an integral part of European educational and research area, to hold out competitive educational services and to be a preferable place for the young people who want to acquire modern education.

 UNWE envisages itself in the future as a leader among the universities of Southeastern Europe which educate students and conduct researches in the field of Economics, Management and Administration, Law and Politics.

In  2006  the UNWE  has  been given  the  highest  institutional  estimation  among  all  Bulgarian  universities by the  National  Agency  for  Assessment  and  Accreditation, in  2007  the  professional  field  of  Economics  and  in  2008  the  professional  field  of  Administration  and  Management  have  also been given  the  highest  possible assessment - 5.00.

UNWE is at the first place in the rankings of Bulgarian and foreign universities with economic specialities. In 2011 it took the 1st place in Bulgaria, 13th place in Europe and 31st place in the world in the global ranking of the world business higher schools worked out by the Supreme Consortium consisting of 126 Research Centers and Institutes to the Ministry of Education of Spain.

UNWE is an absolute leader by its prestige among students in the professional fields of Economics and Administration and Management. By that standard,  according  to  the  ranking  system  of  the  Ministry  of  Education, Youth and Science  and  the  Open  Society  Institute,  UNWE  is №1.

Ranked  by  its  social  insurance  income  and  by the  number  of  the registered  unemployed  UNWE occupies  the  top  positions again: the professional  field  of  Informatics  and  Computer  Science  (with  an  average insurance income of  1615.68 BGN)  is  at  the  8th place  followed  by  the  professional  field  of  Economics  (with an insurance income of 1264.80 BGN).  0.00 %  graduates   of  the  professional  field  of  Tourism  are  registered  as  an  unemployed! Professional fields of Administration and Management, Law and Political Science of UNWE are the next at the front positions. It  means  that  all  of  the  six  professional  fields  of education  at the UNWE  are  at  the  first  positions  in  the  ranking.  It is  the  rating  of 112  professional  fields of the universities in our country,  which  give  the students  an opportunity  to  achieve  the  highest  level of  material  earnings.

 Traditionally  there is  the  highest  number of  prospective  students as  well  as  a record  number  of  excellent  students  at the UNWE compared  to  the  other  universities  in  the  country. The admission of students at the university is by a unified admission exam (tests on paper sheets and in electronic format) on professional fields in similarity to SAT tests.

The university is at the first place in Bulgaria by the realization of its graduates and the prevailing part of them has extremely high positions at the labour market. State and private employers accept UNWE as a synonymous with the excellent education and high professionalism of its graduates. It is not a coincidence that the UNWE is known as the Bulgarian Harvard – the university which prepares the state, political and business elite of Bulgaria.

Since its establishment 92 years ago and so far lecturers and graduates of UNWE have been prominent scientists, state figures, four Prime Ministers (including the First Woman-Prime Minister), Vice-Prime Ministers, ministers, deputies, politicians, the First Bulgarian European Commissioner since the Lisbon Contract has been operating, a Manager of Bulgarian National Bank, a Chairman of Bulgarian National Audit Office, a Prosecutor General, ambassadors, representatives of our country in authoritative international organizations, mayors, public figures, businessmen, bankers and many others.

Awarded by the honorary title of Doctor Honoris Causa of UNWE are authoritative scientists from Europe and USA and among them are: Prof. Joseph Stiglitz, laureate of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Franz Fischler, Commissioner for Agriculture, Prof. Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, Prof. Danuta Hubner , European Commissioner, Prof. Francis Gurry , Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Jean-Claude Trichet, Governor of the European Central Bank and many others.

There are 8 faculties at the UNWE: General Economics Faculty, Faculty of Finance and Accountancy, Business Faculty, Faculty of Economics of Infrastructure, Faculty of International Economics and Politics, Management and Administration Faculty, Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics and Law Faculty. There are also 34 Departments, Divisions for educational degree of Master of Science and Institute of Post-Graduate Qualification; Center for Distance Learning, Institute for Economic Politics, Institute of Entrepreneurship, Center for Intellectual Property (the only one in Bulgaria), Inter-University Center for Career Development, etc.

There are more than 500 lecturers at the UNWE and 285 of them are Professors and Associate Professors.

More than 20 thousand students are educated at the UNWE in regular and distance form of education. There are 40 specialities for educational degree of Bachelor of Science (in four of them – Economics, International Economic Relations, Finance and Accountancy and Business the education is only in English) and there are also more than 70 Programmes for educational degree of Master of Science including the Joint Master Programme with the Nottingham Trent University, one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom. Now at the UNWE more than 300 Bulgarian and foreign students are educated for acquisition of Doctoral degree.  

The  implemented  credit  system  allows  the foreign  students from all over the world  at  the UNWE  to  take  credits  from  the  University  as  well  as all the  students  of  UNWE  to graduate with a diploma from foreign universities. The University has been given the Certificate for Quality of Education according to ISO 9001:2000.

UNWE is the coordinating university for Bulgaria in the Central European initiative for relations between universities and it collaborates with more than 100 universities of USA, Europe and Asia.

The University publishes an Almanac, an Annual Book and Scientific Works as well as the scientific magazine "Economic Alternatives" and the “UNWE Newspaper".

The material facilities have been completely renovated in the recent years. The  building  of  UNWE  is  a  41  thousand  square  meters  built  up  area and there are 120  auditoriums, a  lot  of  computer halls, offices, laboratories,  367  study rooms,  a  modern  library  where  100  computer workplaces  with  free  Internet  access  are located,  a Test Center with 200 computers, a  Ceremonial  Hall,  some  modern  conference  halls, a central university archive, a center for reception of the students and prospective students documents, an  electronic  system for information  service of students,  a  Publishing  House, a  Printing  House, a  bookshop,  a website,  a  sports  center, dormitories  for more than 5 000  students,  educational and rehabilitation facilities in Ravda  and  many  others.