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Обновено: Wednesday, 19 May 2021 9:14

Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

The Erasmus+ exchange students coming to UNWE have to prepare an Online Learning agreement (OLA). The Online Learning agreement (OLA) is a compulsory document for all Erasmus students and contains the list of courses that the students intend to study at UNWEThe OLA has to be signed and approved before the mobility period. 

Attention! If you are a student from non-EU countries you will have to prepare a Learning agreement. The document should be signed by all three parties and send by mail before the start of the mobility.

How to prepare and approve your OLA

1. Register to Online Learning Agreement through or with Erasmus+ App. After you have registered, you have the same login username and password for both the portal and Erasmus+ app.

2. Follow the instructions in the portal to complete your OLA and sign it online.

3. Your home university will automatically receive a notification by e-mail to verify and sign your OLA once you have signed it.

4. We (UNWE) will receive an automatic notification by e-mail to verify and sign your OLA once your home university has signed it.

5. Once UNWE has signed it, your OLA is complete. You will receive an automatic email notification informing that the document is ready.

How to fill the OLA - step by step guide here.

In order to prepare the OLA you have to choose subjects from the List of courses offered in English. The list of courses can be found here.

Changes to your OLA

If you need to make changes to your OLA after it has been signed by all parties, you can log in and do so through or with Erasmus+ App. Once all changes are complete the document need to be signed again.  

It is also possible to adjust the OLA during the mobility period. Delete courses you are no longer taking and/or add new courses in the same way as when you created the OLA.