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Useful Information


If you are interested in obtaining some more information regarding the university or Bulgaria, please, look at the following Guide and Brochure Smile .


Bulgarian currency

The official currency is the Bulgarian Lev (BGN). It is fixed to the Euro and one Lev is worth around 0.50 euro. The Lev is divided into 100 stotinka. Coins worth one, two, five, ten, twenty and fifty stotinka and one and two Lev are in circulation. Notes come in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.

Cash and electronic money

Most everyday payments are settled in cash or using electronic debit cards with PIN codes.

Cash dispensers (ATMs)

Most debit and credit cards are accepted at any of the numerous cash dispensers. In order to be sure whether a specific card will work in Bulgaria, please consult your bank about the availability of this service, its conditions and the charges involved.


There is a wide variety of public transport means in the city of Sofia – from buses to trolleys, trams and subway (metro). The latter is relatively fast option and in rush hours (8:00-9:00 in the morning and 17:30-19:00 in the evening) it is advisable to use this type of transportation.

Tickets for all types of public transportation are very cheap. One single-trip ticket costs 1,60 leva (0.80 Euro).

Also, all incoming students have the possibility to obtain a monthly transport card at a discount. The monthly card costs 21,50 leva (approx. 11 euro) and it serves for unlimited rides for all kinds of transport.

You can use this platform in order to find the University halls! If you need some more help, you can always ask the Erasmus office!