Обновено: Friday, 14 September 2012 8:26


On the occasion of the traditional sports holiday hundreds of students, lecturers and guests gathered together at the Bonsist Complex to celebrate the sports glory of their university and to try their strength in contested competitions.

Under the applauses of their colleagues the honorary seats at the large basketball hall were taken by the champions – the male and female volleyball and basketball teams, tennis players, the world champion in kickboxing Emanuil Dimitrov and the champion in swimming Martin Zhelev, chess players, the football team which defeated even the national team… - all these boys and girls who hold the name of their university at the honorary places in the great championships in our country and abroad.  

You all are first here! And you`ll be first because we are University №1, said at the opening of the sports holiday Prof. Statty Stattev, First Vice-Rector of UNWE. Our efforts to build this facilities haven`t been in vain, outlined also Prof. Stattev who defined the students of the university as the most intelligent and most beautiful. The sports map of UNWE passes through Paris, Belgrade, Istanbul…, pointed out the Vice-Rector, visualizing the victories of the university sportsmen. 

Prof. Stattev gave a Honorary plaque to both: the champion in swimming Martin Zhelev,

who has set up four national records in style back (in the picture on the left)

and to the world  champion in kickboxing Emanuil Dimitrov,

who recently has come out first in the planet championship in Skopje, Macedonia

(in the picture on the right).

Spas Stavrev, Head of Physical Education and Sport Department greeted the students and wished them a lot of sports success in the future.

In the opening programme of the holiday took part majorettes and acrobats and an hour later began the real competitions – in football, volleyball, basketball, long-distance race, swimming, chess and sports climbing.