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Important part of activity of the Department of Physical Education and Sport is the organized students sport. Lecturers train student teams in 14 kinds of sports: basketball, volleyball, football, handball, athletics, tennis, skiing, table tennis, swimming, aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, orienteering, badminton, chess – as for men as well as for women. The teams participate in national and international sports competitions of various levels and various ranks.

Since 1973 to 1989 annually have been carried out national and international tournaments of students from economic universities of East German, Poland, Czech Republic, USSR (Kiev, Leningrad), Bulgaria and other countries from the East Block. Students of UNWE also have participated actively in the Tournaments of volleyball, basketball and football.  University basketball team became champion three times and in 1989 the university football team won the first place in the Tournament in Warsaw, Poland.

After 1989 student teams of UNWE also won many other international competitions.  Volleyball teams (men and women), basketball, handball and football teams participated in Five Balls Tournament carried out in Paris, France. In 1996 and 2011 men`s volleyball team won the first place, in 2001 it got the second place and in 2009 – the third place. Women`s volleyball team played in the final match in 2009 and in 2011 it won the Gold Cup. Men`s football team won the Fair Play Cup of the Tournament in 2008. In 2011 the team got the first place in the Football Tournament in Beograd.

In 2002 basketball players of UNWE won the first place in Balkans Student Games in Kranevo, Bulgaria. In 2007 the swimming teams participated in bilateral competition in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2007 has started Beograd International Games. The UNWE football team took the third place in the Games in 2008. One year ago the university volleyball and basketball teams also participated in the Tournament in Beograd. Since July, 1st to July, 12th, 2009 in Beograd have been carried out the XXV World Students Summer Games. As a captain of the national students tennis team of the university was elected the UNWE student Tanya Germanlieva. The coach of Bulgarian tennis players was the lecturer from the Department of Physical Education and Sport at the UNWE, Cyril Germanliev, Master of Sport. In 2010 men`s basketball team of UNWE with its coach Master of Sports Spas Stavrev participated (as a national students champion for 2009) in the European Universities Students Championship in