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History of Sport of UNWE

On November, 27th, at the UNWE was established the first Student`s Sports Club in Bulgaria and it was the beginning of the organized students sport in the country.  Over its first years the Sports Club has developed three kinds of sport - football, tourism and dances. For its first Chairman was elected A. Pigulev.

At the beginning the sports activities were carried out at the gymnasium in Exarch Josef Str., in the swimming pool of the public mineral bath and outdoors on the racetrack grounds in the central park of Sofia – Boris` Garden.

On March, 8th, 1954 the Department of Physical Culture was established and as its temporary Head of Department was appointed Senior Lecturer Dragan Gospodinov.

From the beginning of its independent existence since 1954 to 2010 the Managing Bodies of Department of Physical Education and Sport have consisted of approved lecturers-sportsmen in the relevant discipline.

Heads of Department have been: Dragan Gospodinov (since 1954 to 1981); Assoc. Prof. Ivan Nestorov (since 1981 to 1994); Svetlana Tzoneva (since 1994 to 1996); Nadya Nedyalkova (since 1996 to 2003); Peter Ivanov, Master of Sport (since 2003 to 2009) and Spas Stavrev, Master of Sport (since 2009 and now on).

The regular lecturers at the Department also have been not less famous. After the establishment of the Department along with the first Head of Department Dragan Gospodinov also were appointed Kalina Vassileva, specialist in sports and rhythmic gymnastics, Petko Lashev (swimming), Liuben Darvov, Angel Kolev, Honored Master of Sport (athletics), Dimitar Samsarov, Master of Sport (football), Dimitar Zahariev, Honored Master of Sport and Tzvetana Berkovska (volleyball).

When the number of students increased a new lecturers have been invited. Since 1965 to 1975 has been appointed: Aleksander Angelov, Honored Master of Sport (handball), Georgy Panov, Honored Master of Sport (basketball), Prof. Sima Tchernogorova (remedial physical culture). In 1977 to the Department were joined Boyan Moshelov, Honored Master of Sport (volleyball), Boris Setchensky (basketball, sports gymnastic and general physical preparation), Assoc. Prof. Kunka Karagonova (general physical preparation), Assoc. Prof. Jivka Petkova (general physical preparation), Dimitar Dimitrov (nicknamed The Spade).

Since 1995 to 1997 in the academic body of the Department have entered young lecturers: Gergy Stoykovsky, Honored Master of Sport (athletics), Prof. Georgy Shterev (tourism and skiing), Hristo Kutrovski (tennis), Nadya Nedyalkova (tourism and skiing, callanethics, tennis), Peter Shoshev (general physical preparation, fitness), Lilyana Mlyakova, Master of Sport (general physical preparation, fitness), Svetlana Tzoneva (swimming), Tzvetan Vladaytchev (football), Cyril Germanliev, Master of Sport (handball, tennis), Anastasya Vatashka (callanetics, orienteering), Peter Ivanov Master of Sport (volleyball), Boris Mintchev (football), Antoaneta Tchergilanova (tennis), Marya Trifonova (rhythmic gymnastics).

Over the second half of the 90s` of XX century at the Department have been appointed: Spas Stavrev (basketball), Larisa Kasabova (basketball), Sevdalina Stoyanova (rowing, swimming), Asya Ramizova (aerobics – gave up after one semester), Ralitza Arsova (volleyball), Ivan Stoylov (football), Elena Moneva (table tennis), Nadya Tzvetkova (aerobics), Ekaterina Tosheva (fitness, athletics).