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Dual Master’s programme in International Business and Governance taught in English (UNWE - Shanghai Jiao Tong University - SJTU)



Dual master's programme in international business and governance (UNWE – Shanghai Jiao Tong University – SJTU)

Professional Field


EQD /Educational Qualification Degree/

Master of Science

Form and Duration of Education

Full Time Еducation, 2 years (4 semesters)



Form of Graduation

Master Thesis

Semester Fee for State Order Education


 Semester Fee for Paid Education

2 000 BGN for the first semester

2 000 BGN for the second semester

70 000 yuan annual tuition fee at SJTU



The Dual Master’s programme in International Business and Governance taught in English between the International Economic Relations and Business Department /International Economics and Politics Faculty/ of UNWE and Shanghai Jiao Tong University - School of International and Public Affairs, China, prepares professionals with excellent knowledge of global economic development and the skills to conduct international business in a dynamic cross-cultural environment. The speciality is multidisciplinary and combines theoretical knowledge with practical application in both international business and public management.

The Dual Master's degree speciality has duration of 4 semesters. The first two semesters are held at the UNWE and the third and fourth ones are held at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The one-year stay of the students is in the most populous and second largest economy in the world - China and in its largest megacity - Shanghai which offers excellent opportunities for internships in a global environment. Students work with lecturers having real practical experience and have the opportunity to build a wide network of international contacts which in combination with the diverse curriculum and focus on China creates unique conditions for career development. The teaching at the UNWE and Shanghai Zhao Tong University is held in English.