1st ASECU Teleconference “Systemic Crises Triggered by Contemporary Pandemia & Progressive Ways-Out”

понеделник, 04 май 2020 12:23 /
петък, 08 май 2020 16:00
Sessions will be hosted in “Zoom”

The Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (ASECU) (http://www.asecu.gr/index_en.html) anticipates that the pandemic crisis we are facing hastens and intensifies (rather than generating) the evolution of underlying structural, systemic bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

ASECU realizes the critical moments we live in, as well as the role it must play in these circumstances. Our first teleconference is our key-attempt to respond to this challenge.

Please, check the attached Call for Participation and use the link you will find to register as a participant. Only those who will be registered will have the possibility of interacting with the panelists and also they will receive a certification of attendance (Places for interactive participation are limited − priority will be given to early registrations).


Call for Participation