Nuclear Security

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. May I send my application documents by fax, e-mail or by post directly to the University of National and World Economy – Sofia?

A. It is possible to send your documents via e-mail or by post only for STEP 1 of the application procedure. For STEP 3 it is not possible. According to the University and national regulations, official and legalized application documents at STEP 3 for studying at UNWE, sent by fax, e-mail or by post are not accepted, not examined and will be disregarded.
This is related with possible problems when the documents will be examined and in case of problems there will be no opportunity for feedback and corrections. That's why the procedure with personal submission at desk is chosen (i.e. submission personally by the student or his representative).
In case you needed and upon your request we may recommend you trusted company specialized in these services with foreign students in Bulgaria. This company could be your representative in Bulgaria during the application and you have to pay for their services. Using of this company is optional and your documents could be submitted in person by your friends or partners in Bulgaria.
Our advice is the application documents to be submitted well in advance before the deadline in order to have enough time for corrections if needed. Please, have in mind that diploma's recognition is often a subject of different intergovernmental and international agreements and cases may vary from country to country.

Q. What your tuition fees cover?

A. Your tuition fee will cover all the things our university should reasonably provide to enable you to complete your degree.

It includes:

Lectures, seminars and tutorials

Access to university library

Access to computer facilities

Technical visits to selected nuclear facilities and infrastructure

University support services - finding suitable accommodation, offering professional careers guidance.

Membership of a students’ union

Admin stuff

Q. What your tuition fees won’t cover?

A. Tuition fee only covers the cost of the courses.

Tuition fee does not cover accommodation, living expenses, books & supplies and miscellaneous expenses/local travel. Living expenses plus accomodation may vary but they are estimated at 500-600 Euro per month in Sofia. In some cases our university may help with accomodation especially in the beginning of your study in Bulgaria.

Q. Are you offering scholarships for this programme?

A. It is good to know that our University does not provide fellowships or scholarship for this programme.  Maybe you should try to find some funding opportunities as Partnership for Nuclear Security, CRDF Global or similar, through your government or international organisations.

Q. How to apply for Bulgarian visa type D?

A. You may find relevant and complete information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Republic of Bulgaria at this link.

Q. Official language in my country is English? What kind of certificate you need?
Q. I have different certificate in English instead of IELTS?

A. We could accept other types of certificates, especially for English-speaking countries. Please send us a scanned copy of your documents for English language skills in order to find out if your qualification is acceptable.
Another opportunity is to pass an online test in English, provided by our University. Please, contact us for details. Send your inquiries to our e-mail address [email protected]

Q. How can I obtain health insurance needed for visa application?
A. The procedure is the following - you have to buy health insurance from your country, which is valid for Bulgaria.  To the best of our knowledge, it should be at least for 6 months and the minimum coverage is 30000 Euro. You may consult also with Bulgarian consulate in your country. The price of such insurance varies between 40-100 Euro

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