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Application Documents

IMPORTANT NOTICE: According to the University and national regulations, application documents for FINAL APPLICATION (STEP 3 of application procedures), sent by fax, e-mail or by post are not accepted, not examined and will be disregarded.

  1. Application Form (download);
  2. Request Form (download);
  3. Notarized copy of the Diploma for completed higher education - Educational Qualification Degree (EQD) of Bachelor's  or EQD of Master and a transcript of records;
  4. A Medical Certificate issued within one month prior to the date of application and certified by the corresponding bodies in the country where the person applies from;
  5. A certificate for proficiency in English
  6. A copy of the documents for citizenship; – for applicants with double citizenship  and the one of which is Bulgarian;
  7. Two photos in passport format;
  8. A copy of the Identification Document;
  9. Two copies of the full set of application documents.

The documents mentioned in p. 3 and 4 must be legalized, translated in Bulgarian and certified in compliance with the regulations of international agreements of the Republic of Bulgaria with the state where the documents have been issued. In the absence of such regulations, the general rules for legalization, translation and certification of documents shall be observed.

An administrative fee for submission of papers for recognition of completed higher education degree at the foreign universities is due at the time of documents submission.

Administrative fees for applications:

(in Bulgarian Levs - BGN)


Normal Service

Express Service

Recognition of the level of higher education in foreign universities