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Recognition of the respective higher education degree

IMPORTANT NOTICE: According to the University and national regulations, application documents for FINAL APPLICATION (STEP 3 of application procedures), sent by fax, e-mail or by post are not accepted, not examined and will be disregarded. 

Instead, fully legalized and notarized application documents must be submitted by 15th June, at the UNWE - Sector 'Foreign Students and European Appendices to Diplomas' (Central Lobby of the University) personally by the applicant or by an authorized representative.

The Foreign Students’ Sector examines and approves the documents of each applicant and then submits the students’ application files to the Ministry of Education and Science. The Ministry of Education and Science issues a Certificate of Admittance, confirming the acceptance or rejection of the applicant.

After the Certificate has been obtained, the Academic Council of UNWE makes a decision on the recognition of the respective higher education degree of the applicant in order for them to continue their education at the UNWE.

The decision is then sent to each applicant – in person, by mail or via an intermediary.