2019/2020 Cooperation Program - UNWE & Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

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Financial University and UNWE Held Their First Students’ Webinar

On November 28, 2019, Financial University and UNWE held their first students’ webinar “International Project Management: The Perspective of Russia and Eastern Europe – International Students’ Project”. The event was organized in the framework of the 2019/2020 Cooperation Programme of the two universities and within the Sixth International Financial University Forum: “Growth or Recession: Which to expect?”.

The official opening of the webinar

The web conference was declared open by Prof. D.Sc. Alexandr Ilyinsky – Dean of International Finance Faculty at the Financial University and by Assoc. Prof. Michael Musov – Secretary-General for International Cooperation of UNWE. Students were welcomed also by Ms. Maria Arakcheeva – Head of the Laboratory of International Finance at the Financial University and by Dr. Christian Zhelev – an assistant professor in the department of “International Economic Relations and Business” at UNWE and project scientific advisor.

Four teams of students presented their group projects, as follows (click to download):

  • “Green Vision” by Darina Antrushina, Anastasia Gorchakova, Varvara Ivankova, and Ekaterina Petrushkina – students of the International Finance Faculty, Financial University
  • “Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Northeast Passage” by Alexander Burenin, Stepan Karapetyan, Peter Kulakov and Oleg Rybtsov – students of the International Finance Faculty, Financial University
  • “Marketing in the Digital Era. The Case of Fitbit” by Valentin Petkov, Martin Voynov, Emma Maslarska, Neli Stoilova – students of the departments of "Marketing and Strategic Planning" and "International Economic Relations and Business", UNWE
  • “Social Media Impact on the Marketing of Dove” by Kalina Shamatova and Stanislav Marinkov – students of the departments of "Marketing and Strategic Planning" and "International Economic Relations and Business", UNWE

All the projects provoked great interest to the public and a lively discussion. The experience gained was of great value for both students and faculty.

 During the webinar in Moscow and Sofia (left to right)

Kalina Shamatova and Stanislav Marinkov presenting their project

In his closing remarks, Prof. A. Ilyinsky said: “It is a great honor for the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation to develop the cooperation with your University of National and World Economy! Great thank you for participating in the online-webinar for students within the Sixth International Forum. Today we heard the brilliant ideas and saw the project presentations of students of two partner Universities, it was a great common event for our Universities. We are looking forward to the upcoming events and further research partnership!”

Before closing the webinar, Prof. Musov pointed out: “We are grateful to have this webinar with the Financial University, because in these times of economic globalization, information technologies, and uncertainties, in these times calling for sustainable development it is crucial to see the most important part of a university – its student body, to actively participate in such valuable international projects.” He concluded “Changes in the real world begin with changes in our mind. Changes in our mind begin with new ideas. New ideas are born by sharing knowledge and experience. So, by sharing your ideas, you inspire the changes you wish to see in the world.”

Assoc. Prof. Michael Musov, Emma Maslarska, Martin Voynov,
Neli Stoilova and Dr. Christian Zhelev (left to right)


The 2019/2020 cooperation program between the Financial University and the University of National and World Economy is supported by the rectors and management bodies of the two universities. The leadership teams involved are dedicated to the values of the partnership and committed to delivering impeccable support to faculty and students who wants to be part of it.

Find out more: https://www.unwe.bg/fa-moscow/en.

International Conference "Student Leadership Conference", 26 October 2019 – Video Available Now Online

The conference discussed the prospects of cooperation between higher education institutions and professional organizations in the field of international finance and accounting and analytical activities, as well as the possibility of forming professional competencies in the process of studying at the university, which are in demand on the international labor market. Students were informed about IMA scholarship opportunities for passing the certificate in management accounting (CMA) exam.

Online broadcast of the conference: