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European Business and Finance

Joint Master Degree of Sciences between the UNWE and the

Nottingham Trent UniversityUnited Kingdom

European Business and Finance



The Joint Master Degree in European business and finance between UNWE and Nottingham Trent University has started in September 2007.

In 2017 the night cohort of students is graduating. The Joint Master Degree prepares successful managers in pan-European business environment. The program includes financial and business topics on operative and strategic level.

Graduates will receive diplomas for Educational-qualification Degree - Master of Science  in Economics from UNWE and from Nottingham Trent University – Great Britain.

The study process in UNWE is according to the rules and standards of Nottingham Trent University.

Since 2017/2018 academic year there will be 10 places for students in the program financed by the state for the first two semesters that take place in UNWE, which will help ten of the best students to join the program paying preferential fees.


Term of study: 4 semesters / 2 years


In the first semester of the second academic year the study takes place in Nottingham Trent University – Great Britain.

Studying in Nottingham continues  3 months ( from the mid of September to the mid of December). Classes are taught every day from Monday to Friday. Students are put in groups with students from Czech Republic and Poland, which guarantees studying in a multicultural environment.

Graduates from the program could work as: experts in the field of national and international business, national and global financial systems, corporations, financial and nonfinancial institutions, international financial organizations, multinational corporations, central and local authorities of public administration and others.


About the Program

Requirements for Applicants

Schedule and Deadlines

Financial Terms

Program Specification

Course Curriculum



Course coordinator   for UNWE:

Chief assist. Prof. Dr. Diyana Miteva-Boncheva  

Room: 2020

Email: miteva_diyana@yahoo.com  

Administrator of the program:

Stanislava Dimitrova

Email: stanislava.k.dimitrova@gmail.com