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About the Program


Joint Master Degree of Sciences between the UNWE and the

Nottingham Trent UniversityUnited Kingdom

European Business and Finance



The Joint Master Degree in European business and finance between UNWE and Nottingham Trent University has started in September 2007.

In 2017 the night cohort of students is graduating. The Joint Master Degree prepares successful managers in pan-European business environment. The program includes financial and business topics on operative and strategic level.

The graduates from the program receive both British and Bulgarian diplomas.


Term of study: 4 semesters / 2 years


  1. First year of study


During the first academic year the study is provided at the UNWE –Sofia. During this period students are involved in modules which are connected with the functioning of business – finance, HR management and marketing. In particular, the exact modules in the first year are: International finance, Financial management, International marketing, Global strategic management, Advanced management accounting, International trade law, International business research methods and team management, Business English.


  1. Second year of study

3rd Semester (Nottingham business school)

In the first semester of the second academic tear the study takes place in Nottingham Trent University – Great Britain, according to the study plan approved by this university. During this period students have the opportunity to study disciplines connected with business on strategic level. This allows students to get acquainted with strategic management experience in Great Britain and USA and also to perform comparative studies.

Studying in Nottingham continues  3 months ( from the mid of September to the mid of December). Classes are taught every day from Monday to Friday. Students are put in groups with students from Czech Republic and Poland, which guarantees studying in a multicultural environment.

4th semester

During the second semester of the second academic year students are supposed to make an internship, develop and defend a master dissertation. The internship is done in a company in any European country, approved by program management. The choice of the student is connected with a research problem and the preparation of the master dissertation.



Learning outcomes of the Joint master degree in European Business and Finance between UNWE and Nottingham Trent University



Students in the Joint master degree European business and finance receive the following theoretical knowledge and practical skills


  • Expand a critical understanding of the role of the Finance discipline in the European and global context.
  • Demonstrate a critical knowledge and understanding of the primary processes of change relevant to the European business  environment and EU integration.
  • Articulate a critical understanding of the major trends that have occurred over recent years in the globalization and regionalization of industries and markets in the context of European integration.
  • Demonstrate contemporary knowledge of the major business and management theories and the conceptual frameworks in the context of globalisation and European integration.
  • Apply knowledge, tools and techniques to resolve issues in new and diverse situations within the business and finance discipline.
  • Evaluate the rigour and validity of published research and assess its relevance to the practice of business and finance.
  • Demonstrate the ability to  make recommendations for organisational practice based on theoretical insights through a process of experiential or applied learning.
  • Demonstrate an aptitude for independent critical thought and rational inquiry.
  • Demonstrate creativity and intellectual curiosity in both the application and synthesis of knowledge.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of techniques of research and enquiry to draw conclusions from a critical evaluation of relevant issues.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the wider social, environmental and economic sustainability issues and their interrelationships which may be impacted by or have an impact on organisational activities.
  • Understand the environmental, social , governance and ethical problems that may occur in the business and finance discipline and apply appropriate frameworks or professional codes to resolve such problems.
  • Critically self-reflect, and demonstrate an international awareness and openness to the world, based on an appreciation of social and cultural diversity.
  • Develop a critical understanding of the role of the business and finance discipline in the global context.
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the role of the business and finance discipline in a wider organisational context.
  • Make decisions and exercise judgement in organisational settings when faced with a range of alternative courses of action.


Skills, qualities and attributes

  • Analyse a variety of relevant data used in diverse contexts to support effective decision making in the international/European business and finance discipline.
  • Communicate key issues and arguments in written and oral format to a professional standard.
  • Effectively use information and communication technologies relevant to the international/European business and finance discipline.
  • Work collaboratively in internationally diverse teams.



Graduates from the program could work as: experts in the field of national and international business, national and global financial systems, corporations, financial and nonfinancial institutions, international financial organizations, multinational corporations, central and local authorities of public administration and others.



Graduates will receive diplomas for Educational-qualification Degrea - Master of Science  in Economics from UNWE and from Nottingham Trent University – Great Britain.

The study process in UNWE is according to the rules and standards of Nottingham Trent University.