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Professional fields and specialities


Professional Fields and Specialities in Educational Qualification Degree of Bachelor

Regional Centre for Distance Learning in Haskovo accepts and trains students in the degrees "Bachelor" and "Master". Bachelors study in two professional fields, including three specialities:


            Professional fields                

         Educational Qualification Degree of Bachelor         


"Administration and Management"

1.1. Business Administration



2.1. Economics

2.2. Accountancy and Control

Degree "Bachelor" is applied to evaluation of the state graduation exam, passed in 2008, or subsequent years, or preliminary or regular exam in the University. The duration of training in all specialties is eight semesters (four years).

Areas for Implementation

ECONOMICS: This specialty prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of economics. Graduates can work as professionals in business organizations, government institutions, non-governmental organizations in the field of investment, fiscal and monetary policy, income, currency and financial operations experts and leaders in the research and consulting organizations, specialized agencies, financial and banking institutions, government, non-governmental and international economic organizations.

ACCOUNTANCY AND CONTROL: This specialization prepares professionals for business, non-production and financial sphere. Graduates have opportunities for a successful career as experts in companies, corporations, holding companies, public administration, manufacturing and financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, public sector entities.

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Prepares qualified specialists in management of local and state government structures and economic business. Graduates can work as leaders of various government levels, functional specialists and management hierarchy businesses advisors (assisted staff specialists) senior management in business organizations (companies), consultants and experts in management and organizational development specialist companies, specialists in management and administration in local government management structures.