Regional Center for Distance Learning

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Regional Center for Distance Learning


The Regional Center for Distance Learning in Haskovo is a unit of the University of National and World Economy. Here, in 2008, for the first time in the coutry  under a pilot project of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth in state university has made student enrollment in distance learning in degree "Bachelor" on a state. Training is done in "Economics", "Business Administration" and "Accountancy and Control". In addition to a bachelor's, the Center in Haskovo accepted students in several disciplines of Master training.

Learning facilities include a lecture hall with 120 seats, 15 classrooms with a total of 674 seats, a library and two computer labs. The rooms have modern equipment, in accordance with the requirements for the conduct of higher education.

The training is based on curricula and programs that meet the academic standards for the quality of teaching teams with high qualifications and rich experience.