5th Online Е-Learning Seminar for University Professors

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The Catholic University of Ávila (Spain) has extensive experience in e-learning. Since June 2020 it has organised several courses and seminars on e-learning skills which have been attended by more than 70,000 professors from all over the world.

In order to further promote online education, the Catholic University of Ávila (Spain) offers the 5th Online E-Learning Seminar for University Professors in which any professor who needs it can participate free of charge.

The aim of this seminar is to summarise the keys to online teaching and guidelines on how to properly approach a course with this methodology. The seminar consists into 5 talks lasting 1 hr each (45 min presentation and 15 min Q&A) and will take from 23 to 27 May at 5 pm Spanish time. 

Seminar Programme

1ª. Strategies for teaching science and technology online

Speaker: Dr. Carlos Romero

Monday, 23th May at 5pm Spanish time

2ª. Online game-based learning 

Speaker: Dr. Álex Salas

Tuesday, 24th May at 5pm Spanish time

. Strategies for teaching social sciences online

Speaker: Dr. Iván Martín

Wednesday, 25th May at 5 pm Spanish time

4 ª Assessment in ICT-supported learning environments

Speaker: Dr. Gina Asunta Hernández

Thursday 26th May at 5pm Spanish time

5ª. The transformation of teaching in online learning environments

Speaker: Dr. Diana Eguía

Friday, 27th May at 5pm Spanish time

Participants can also ask for an online attendance certificate issued by the Catholic University of Ávila.

To register, you simply have to complete a form and you will be sent instructions to be able to attend the seminar: Registration V Online e-learning seminar for university professors