International students and prospective students

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         Scholarships can obtain the foreign students studying in regular form of education under the inter–governmental agreements for educational, scientific and cultural exchange or under the rules in the Decrees of the Ministers Council (Decree № 103/1993 and Decree № 228/1997).

       Foreign students studying under the rules in Decree № 103/1993 and Decree № 228/1997 obtain a scholarship during their first year of education regardless of their results. In their second, third and fourth year they obtain a scholarship only if they have successfully sat for all the exams from the previous academic year and have an average result no lower than Good /4.00/.

       The scholarships are paid non-cash through a DSK bank to the student's account. You need to open an account with a DSK bank and submit an IBAN in the Scholarships sector, office 1013 (link).



Scholarships Sector

Office 1013 (Central Lobby)

Phone: /+359 2/ 81 95 325