International students and prospective students

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Student Dormitories and Canteens

              Entitled to accommodation at the student dormitories are foreign students in regular form of education under the inter–governmental agreements for educational, scientific and cultural exchange and under the rules in Art.4, Para 1 of Decree № 103/1993 and Art.3, Para 1 of Decree № 228/1997 of the Ministers Council. All other foreign students are accommodated depending of the UNWE possibilities.

           For accommodation at the student dormitory you should submit documents at the Student Dormitories and Canteens Unit at the UNWE, Accommodation Sector as it follows:

            - Application (model);

            - Certificate of Assurance.


Student Canteens



Student Dormitories and Canteens Unit

Sofia, Students Town, bl. 23A (low building)


Accommodation and Information Service Sector

Office 7

Phone: /+359 2/ 816 58 57

           /+359 2/ 816 58 53

           /+359 2/ 816 58 54

e-mail: [email protected]