International students and prospective students

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Choose UNWE

            Dear Prospective Students,

          Thank you for you have chosen the University of National and World Economy which is the most authoritative economic university offering a modern education recognized in the business circles all over the world. The process of education stimulates the independence, creativity and leadership – qualities appreciated in a global scale.

          Studying at the UNWE means to have the chance of touching the Bulgarian ancient history and living into a unique multicultural environment. The recognized quality of studying in the field of economics, administration and law makes the education at the UNWE desired from the foreign students.

         During your education you will be trained by authoritative lecturers, you will acquire important knowledge and skills, you will learn working in a team and making decisions. An advantage of your education is the training in the English language in Bachelor`s and Master`s degree specialities, highly qualified lecturers, the large library, computer facilities, sports complex, relations with employers, etc. Studying at our university gives you an opportunity to create useful business and personal contacts for life.

          Completing your education at our university you become more competitive at the labour market and you can realize in various sectors – public, civil, state, diplomatic and journalistic.

         The UNWE is a wonderful university where you become professionals – you make new friends, learn a lot, find a field for contribution, receive valuable advices and find yourselves.


        We`ll wait for you!


Foreign Students and

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