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Research Activity

Scientific Research Activity involves: Activities connected with research, analysis, forecasting, expertise, development, implementation of innovations, technological and legal issues and other creative deals conducted systematically. That is to be enlarged the scope of scientific knowledge as well as to be used for new applications in the fields of education, science and social practice by providing the scientific products and services and by enhancing of the scientific qualification of the persons dealing with it.

The Purposes of Scientific Research Activity of UNWE are:
1. Development of the scientific knowledge in the fields of economy, management, law and other scientific areas;
2. Scientific - methodological support of the education organized by the University;
3. Enhancement of the scientific qualification of the academic body of the University;
4. Stimulation of the inventiveness and formation of conditions for development of the creative abilities of the students and doctoral students of the University.

Forms of Organisation and Management of Scientific Research Activity at UNWE are:
1. The University programmes and plans for scientific researches and elaborations, for scientific events and for doctoral degree studies;
2. The projects for realization of scientific research tasks and for organisation of scientific events;
3. The contracts for scientific elaborations, for scientific cooperation, for consultant activity, etc.