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№ ДИД 02/4

Project number
ID 02-155/2009
Project subject
Sustainable consumption in Bulgaria changing patterns
Project term of execution
December 2009 – December 2012
Short description
The project aims at discovering the possibilities for a consumption change toward sustainable models in Bulgaria.The study is based on the interdisciplinary approach. To achieve the aims of the project, there will be done researches in several sciences areas: social-economic and political sciences. The project approach combines cognitive and behavioural with technical and social-science methods, based on the studying consumers, products and level of information, aimed at imposing sustainable consumption in our country.
The identification and the analysis of the results of the project will make it possible to predict the prospects for the patterns of sustainable consumption in Bulgaria and hence to improve the activities of the interested governmental institutions.
The results of those three specific areas have many potential users who can use them to create and develop sustainable consumption policies and programmes in Bulgaria.  
Expected results description including publications
The proposed research project will fill a noticeable gap in the scientific research and will allow the stakeholders to direct and increase their efforts in the implementation of patterns of sustainable consumption in Bulgaria.
Sustainable consumption,  sustainable models of  consumption,  information transmission systems,  sustainable consumption policy, Bulgaria
Project stages
(terms, results and funding)
1.To identify sustainable consumption models targeting individual consumers and households in Bulgaria through discovering the basis of the consumer choice (behaviour). 
2.To analyse the possibilities of the information transmission systems for the establishment of sustainable consumption in Bulgaria.
3.To study instruments for the establishment of sustainable consumption policy in Bulgaria via integration and innovation.
Information about the funding programme
„IDEAS” COMPETITION 2009, Ministry of Education and Science
Information about  an additional funding
Total value of the project
300 000 BGN
Total sum granted to UNWE
213 000 BGN
 Information about the responsible subdivision
Information about the partners of the project
Bulgarian National Consumers Association
Project manager
Assoc. Prof. Daniela Ivanova, PhD, UNWE
Project body (project team members)
Assoc. Prof. Elka Vasileva, PhD, UNWE
Ass. Prof. Niana Tipova, PhD, UNWE
Ass. Prof. Stilian Stefanov, PhD, UNWE
Bogomil Nikolov, BNCA
Assoc. Prof. Ginka Antova, PhD, PU
Ass. Prof. Maria Angelova, PhD, PU