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Project number


Project subject

Training of PhD innovators, visionaries, target-analysts and achievers – an investment with European dimension

Project term of execution

19.03.2012 – 31.10.2014

Short description

The project foresees participation of doctoral students from all professional fields covered by UNWE’s training for acquisition of doctoral degree: Economics, Administration and Management, Sociology, Anthropology and Cultural Sciences, Law and Political Sciences

The overall objective of the project is training of highly qualified doctoral students, capable to further develop and enrich contemporary science in compliance with knowledge economy requirements.

The specific objectives are:

  • Acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences meeting the requirements of the European labour market;
  • Establishment of stimulating environment, thus supporting doctoral students’ motivation for individual scientific development and durable orientation towards research activity;
  • Strengthening of the European dimension in doctoral training through mobility.

Expected results description including publications

- Building a supportive environment that will enable doctoral students to develop and achieve high levels of competence in the chosen field of study

- Ensuring access to specialized literature and modern ICT products, thus deepening their knowledge and improving their digital skills;

- Through international research mobility doctoral students have the opportunity to reconcile their achievements with those of European science, to gain expertise of leading scientists and use library collections in European universities, to engage in international research teams and to gain international recognition of their work;

- Providing the opportunity to publish doctoral research results in peer-reviewed international journals;

- Testing the draft National Qualification Framework (level for8), thus increasing the institutional readiness for its implementation.


doctoral studies, knowledge, skills and competences, National Qualification Framework

Project stages
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Information about the funding programme

Human Resources Development Operative Programme

Information about an additional funding


Total value of the project

392637,24 leva

Total sum granted to UNWE

392637,24 leva

Information about the responsible subdivision

University of National and World Economy

Information about the partners of the project


Project manager

Prof. D. Sc. Stanka Tonkova

Project body
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