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About UNWE


University of National and World Economy can be seen in the future as a leader among the higher educational institutions in Southeastern Europe that educate students and conduct researches in the field of economics, management and administration, law and politics.


  1. University of National and World Economy is called to realize the forming of highly educated persons who could lead the society to a more perfect and humane world.

    It means that the mission of UNWE is:

    1. To support the full intellectual development of its students as well as to develop their literacy in the widest sense by giving them high standards of spiritual life in the conditions of the new world of knowledge and information.
    2. To give the necessary knowledge and skills to its students so that they could creatively solve the problems of the present and the future in the fields of economics, management, law and policy by means of using and improving the methods of a harmonic complex of classical and modern academic disciplines as well as basing on the most modern information.
    3. To develop the capabilities of its students to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the world we live in, 
      - to support their belief in the worth of freedom and their responsibility to search for the truth as well as the courage to defend it, 
      - to strengthen the social sensitivity of students to the general prosperity of present and future generations and to human rights of all people.
    4. To support the motivation of its students to continue their education throughout their lives, 
      - to give to students as well as to all interested citizens the opportunities for continuing education which updates and specifies the academic level of their knowledge and skills in line with the practical demands.
    5. To serve the interests of its students and to consider them as a focus of its aims. The diploma which University gives to its graduates is a certificate for the realization of its mission.
  2. University of National and World Economy is responsible to sustain and develop highly educated academic body of prominent, nationally and internationally acknowledged professors and scientists.

    In that relation the University purposes are:

    1. To support the efforts of its academic body in developing and enlarging of the academic educational programmes with the highest achievements of the knowledge in the world, 
      - in line with the society demands to implement high standards of training as well as educational technologies that fully combine global trends with Bulgarian and university traditions.
    2. To develop the capabilities of its academic body for innovative partnerships with the business, public administrations and the international academic community, 
      - to assist and create conditions for development and dissemination of the intellectual research products that are conducive to the progress of a dynamic and sustainably developing economy and society.
    3. To encourage and set up high standards for creative progress of its academic body, 
      - to build up an environment of mutual commitment to individual scientific development and evaluation of the advantages of a large diversity of people and ideas united by the mutual confidence and desire to serve the University at a tolerant pluralistic academic community.
    4. To create material and any other conditions for raising the prestige and authority of its academic body members as a kind of people with important and unique contribution to the social development in conditions of a fair assessment of everyone`s work.
  3. University of National and World Economy is called to strengthen and develop its positions as a kind of undisputed, respected and valuable territory of the national and European educational and research space.

    In that relation the University purposes are:

    1. To keep fervently its academic autonomy and institutional integrity having them as a basis to maintain the highest standards of intellectual development, academic freedom and social responsibility whose adherence proclaims widely as also searches for the public appreciation of that.
    2. To build up and develop the relationships, collaboration and mobility of its academic body, students and administration with the leading Bulgarian and foreign universities, 
      - to purposefully search and analyze the positive experience as meanwhile applies it by the most appropriate way, 
      - to take active part in developing and proposing of the ideas for the progress of the national and European educational space.
    3. To maintain and develop highly qualified administrative staff that serves the University and the realization of its mission, 
      - to assist and encourage the progress of knowledge and experience of its administrative staff members in the field of management and its functioning in the management systems.
    4. To develop the university library, as well as all the information and materially - technical facilities of the university tending to achieve the highest European standards in line with the progress of information and communication technologies.

    As it is based on its best long lasting traditions, the university is constantly obliged to enlarge and consolidate its image of a dynamic developing, modern Bulgarian and European educational and research institution.