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Student Canteens and Dormitories Unit at UNWE has at disposal 12 dormitories and 2 student canteens. The dormitories and canteens are located in Student Town near the UNWE. Four of the dormitories /No. 23 А, 23 Б, 24 and 36 Б / are renovated. The rest of dormitories under the management of Student Canteens and Dormitories Unit are: No. 9, 26, 38, 40 А, 53 Б, 55 В, 55 Г and 61 А.

  • Canteen No.33

          There are two halls with total capacity of 240 seats for dining at lunch and dinner time.

           Address: No.1 Atanas Manchev Str.

           Phone: +359 2 862 94 10

  • Canteen No.39

           There are 50 seats for dining and a garden with 30 seats opened during the warm season. 

           Address: Student Town, block 53 Б

           Phone: +359 2 962 84 28 

The daily menu at the student canteens includes cooked vegetarian and meat meals as well as soft drinks and take away food. In both canteens НАССР /Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points/ system is incorporated which guarantees the food hygiene and safety. All the products offered to clients have a guarantee of traceability and compliance with the relevant terms and shelf life.