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Finance and Accountancy

Speciality Finance and Accountancy

(Education in English Language)

The educational purpose of UNWE in organizing the process of study for Bachelor`s degree in specialty Finance and Accountancy (in English language) is the following: by a system of mutually related basic, special and profiling disciplines to be provided the necessary complex of knowledge and skills for specialists to work in the field of finance and accountancy. The demand and authority of the speciality has increased more in the conditions of market economy. The financial-accounting process has approved in the modern world as a unity of economic research, reporting coverage, economic analysis and financial management. Certified Bachelors are able to work in the average level of the financial sphere and to make rational decisions at operational level.

The education in the speciality is subordinated to the idea for providing the general economic substructure and gradual specializing and profiling in order to be ensured the effective adaptation to the practical needs. It is reported also the necessity of solid legal preparation and computer literacy. Particular emphasis in education is paid to the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the application of modern information systems in the field of finance, accountancy and financial control.

The academic plan of speciality Finance and Accountancy (in English language) is modern and it is based on the world achievements in this field. Students acquire a fundamental preparation on basic economic disciplines – Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics, History of Economic Theories, Economic History, Economic Sociology, Economics of Labour, Bases of Law, Finance, Philosophy, Political Science, Marketing, Intellectual Property, Statistics, Bases of Accountancy, Prognostication and Planning, Economics of The Enterprise, Informatics, etc.

Leading purpose of the education is the specialized preparation of students on disciplines in the field of accountancy, finance and financial control – Financial Accountancy, Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy, Banking Affair, Corporative Finance, Managerial Accountancy, Tax Control, International Finance, Banking Accountancy, Audit, Theory of Insurance, Stock Markets, Finance of Social Insurance, Information Systems in the Accountancy, Budget Management, International Projects Management, etc.

Methodology for presentation of disciplines is in line with the requirements for adaptation of the national financial-accounting theory and practice to the international standards. Educational process is implemented from highly qualified lecturers who have approved their abilities not only in the lecturer`s field but also in the practice.

As a result of the purposeful educational process are acquired skills for application of the methods of: accounting and financial analysis, mathematical processing, statistical analysis, legal analysis.

It is emphasized on the education and development of the following features: communicativeness, skills for team work, active respect to the work, aspiration for rational changes and high effectiveness, ability for continuously updating of the knowledge.

Speciality graduates can: acquire qualification for compilers of financial reports and occupy the position of financial expert, director on economic issues, chief accountant, tax inspector, methodologist on accounting analysis and many other financial-economic positions. Speciality graduates can also acquire additional professional qualification as expert-accountants and auditors in the field of independent financial audit.

Certified Bachelors on Economics – speciality Finance and Accountancy (in English language) have great opportunities for successful professional realization. They can work in the following spheres: banking system, public administration, capital markets, insurance and social security, financial-accounting subdivisions of enterprises, financial control.

The academic plan for Bachelor`s degree on Economics – speciality Finance and Accountancy is in line with the requirements of The Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and also with the legal regulation. It allows the education to be continued in educational qualification degree of Master of Science at the UNWE or at the other universities.