Jubilee Celebration of The Logistics Department and International Conference on The Logistics in The Changing World

Monday, 17 October 2016 18:55

A quarter of a century jubilee was celebrated by the Logistics Department and the specilaity Business Logistics. At the solemn assembly in Maxima Aula attended the Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc.(Econ,) Statty Stattev, Prof. Dr. Filip Todorov, Head of the Logistics Department and Director of the Scientific Research Center for Logistic Studies and Education, the Rectors Managing Body, Heads of Faculties and Departments, representatives of the business and universities from our country. The 10th International Scientific Conference on the Logistics in the Changing World was part of the events devoted to the jubilee.  

In Maxima Aula

25 years are long time and on the other hand they are short time but for us they are a reason for balance, pointed out in his speech Prof. Filip Todorov. I think that to a great extent we have implemented our mission to form professionals in one of the leading and most desired specialities which is recognized by the business and works with it, added the Head of the Logistics Department.

Prof. Filip Todorov

Prof. Todorov told about the beginning: about the idea and the four founders – Prof. Pavel Dimitrov, Prof. Ivan Velev, Assoc. Prof. Milcho Tolev and Prof. Filip Todorov, about 1991 when the UNWE had become the first university not only in Bulgaria but also in East Europe which had provided a specialized education in Logistics. He outlined the stages of development of the Department and specilaity, the modernization of academic plans and programmes elaborated in a close cooperation with the Pennsylvania State University, USA and the International Institute for the Management of Logistics (IML) in Lausanne, Switzerland, the TEMPUS project, partnerships with Bulgarian and foreign universities, etc. Prof. Todorov examined the Bachelor`s and Master`s degree programmes as he outlined that the most Master`s and Doctoral degree students had been people from the practice. Our students are educated through paid internships and students from the speciality Business Logistics have 100% of professional realization, pointed out Prof. Todorov. The lecturers at the Department are highly qualified and for the appointment as an assistant is required minimum 5 years of practice in the field of logistics, emphasized the Head of Department.

Attendees at the celebration

The International Conference on the Logistics in the Changing World is the tenth consecutive one, clarified Prof. Todorov. In it has taken part 350 scientists and 70 of them have been foreign ones. The participation of students and Doctoral students is traditional and they have serious presence in the Conference programme, outlined the Head of Department.

It is a special honour for me to be here because we give our respect to the founders, said to attendees at the hall the Rector Prof. Stattev. The fact is obvious: after 25 years we can present the Department and the Faculty with dignity. He also expressed his confidence that the youth spirit of the founders would be given to the rest members of the Logistics Department and to the followers. “It is the Department which have always been a model how to work seriously with the business – with deep understanding that without the relation with the business there won`t be successful speciality and successful realization of its alumni”, pointed out the Rector.

The Rector is greeting the Logistics Department for its 25th Anniversary.

Prof. Stattev read a Greeting Address in which was said: “On behalf of the Academic Managing Body and on my behalf I greet you heartily on the occasion of 25th Anniversary of the Logistics Department and speciality Business Logistics through which the UNWE has become the first university providing a specialized education in Logistics not only in Bulgaria but also in East Europe. The past quarter of a century is a time of dedicated efforts and academic energy, time of creativeness, professionalism, ambition, time of improvement of the scientific research activity, time of personal and institutional responsibility and permanent striving for enhancement of the educational quality”. Today the Logistics Department is an approved member of the UNWE family which consists of 33 Departments and it works in a close cooperation with the state institutions and business organizations that implement and govern the real processes in the economy, emphasized in his statement Prof. Stattev. In the Greeting Address is also pointed out that the Department is in cooperation with the universities in Bulgaria, USA, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom and the active interaction has successfully assisted the educational process in all of its degrees because the Agreements concluded with many companies provide lots of opportunities for implementation of internships, discussions, empirical research and other modern types of communication.  

During the solemn celebration

It is not occasional that most of the leading Bulgarian scientists in the field of logistics are alumni of the Logistics Department.  I am convinced that in the future we will continue working for our students, for the progress of the Department, for the good reputation of our university, emphasized the Rector.  

Prof. Statty Stattev awarded to Prof. Filip Todorov the Commemorative Medal of Prof. Stephan Bobchev – Founder and First Rector of UNWE conferred on the Logistics Department for achievements in the academic and scientific research work and on the occasion of 25th Anniversary of its establishment (in the picture below).

The Department and the specilaity were greeted on the occasion of the jubilee also by Hristo Hristov, President and Executive Director of the company Discordia and member of the Managing Board of KRIB. According to his words the joint efforts for adapting the education to the dynamic development of economy are a great challenge. The business knows that it is especially important because in fact the education makes the economy, explicitly said Hristov. He reminded that several days ago it had been signed an Agreement of Cooperation between the UNWE and the KRIB but he interaction between both institutions had been longstanding and successful.

Svetlin Peshev, Executive Director of the World Transport Overseas – Bulgaria, graduate of UNWE, pointed out that the Bulgarian industry had needed the students from the UNWE who were among the most preferred in the practice.

Col. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miroslav Dimitrov from the G. S. Rakovsky Military Academy outlined that the principles of succession, professionalism and perspective had been fully regarded to the Logistics Department of UNWE.

Congratulations and Greeting Addresses were extended to the Department by the representatives of the business, UNWE Departments, BAS, universities from the country.

Jubilee Plaques on the occasion of 25th Anniversary of the Logistics Department were awarded to the Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev, Prof. Pavel Dimitrov (posthumously), Prof. Lalyu Radulov, Assoc. Prof. Milcho Tolev, Assoc. Prof. Ekaterina Velichkova, Prof. Vikenti Spasov, Col. Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Dimitrov, Prof. Hristo Kozhuharov, Svetlin Peshev, Hristo Hristov, etc.

In the Large Conference Hall during the Conference

The International Conference on the Logistics in the Changing World was opened in the Large Conference Hall and began its work with reports by Bulgarian, Italian and Russian scientists. Among the participants in the two-day Forum there were representatives of universities from the USA and Poland as well as from Bulgarian universities – V. Levsky National Military University, G. S. Rakovsky Military Academy, D. A. Tsenov Economic Academy of Svishtov, Economic University of Varna, etc.

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