Round Table Conference on The Education in The Field of International Business and International Economic Relations in A Partnership with The Business in the Context of Digital Revolution

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 16:35

Round Table Conference on the Education in the Field of International Business and International Economic Relations in a Partnership with the Business in the Context of Digital Revolution – Management of the Internet Knowledge was organized at the university by the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the International Economic Relations and Business Department. The major objective of the Forum was the implementation of a structural dialogue for forming a general concept for the improvement of academic process and relation with the employers as well as forming and confirming the partnership of the International Economic Relationship and Business Department with the interested companies.

In the Round Table Conference participated Assoc. Prof. Dr. Milanka Slavova, Vice Rector of the university, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Stoychev, Head of the International Economic Relations and Business Department, Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Bistra Boeva, Dr. Ognyan Donev, Chairman of the International Economic Relations Alumni Association, moderator of the Forum, Dr. Mitko Vasilev, Chief Manager of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representatives of Presidential administration, ProCredit Bank, the commercial chains Lidl and Kaufland, the company C Commercial 7, etc.

During the Round Table Conference

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Stoychev welcomed the idea of profound dialogue between the university and the business as he outlined that lots of ideas had arisen during the implementation of projects. He gave an example by the “traditional” Master`s degree developing over the time in direction of additional dimensions required by the practice. Our vote is important and it is necessary to solve the problems together, specified the importance of the meeting with the business the Head of Department.

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Stoychev, Assoc. Prof. Milanka Slavova, Dr. Ognyan Donev, Dr. Mitko Vasilev, Prof. Bistra Boeva (from the left to the right)

On behalf of the Rectors Managing Body Assoc. Prof. Dr. Milanka Slavova greeted the participants in the Round Table Conference. The Vice Rector outlined that the UNWE had been the largest university in the country because it was preferred by the young people and because of the opportunities for successful realization and career. Assoc. Prof. Slavova gave some eloquent examples of the close relation between the UNWE and the business. She examined the digitalization of academic programmes and administrative process as she pointed out that the incorporation of the so called Electronic Student Book would soon become reality. During the Round Table Conference lots of useful ideas will be exchanged and it will give opportunities of more qualitative education at the university, expressed her confidence Assoc. Prof. Slavova.

Participants in the Forum

One of the major problems for the country is the education and so the meetings between the business and the science should lead us forward, pointed out Dr. Mitko Vasilev. The Round Table Conference where the ideas will be shared and the interest of both parties will be understood – it will be a step in the right direction, specified Dr. Vasilev.

Young people have lots of information which they will use for solving particular cases, outlined Dr. Ognyan Donev. It is not necessary any level and up building, pointed out Dr. Donev.

During the presentation by Lyubomir Harsev (on the right)

Lyubomir Harsev, Co-Manager of Lidl Bulgaria spoke about good practices and cooperation with the university, the role of business as educational organization and incorporation of elements of dual educational system. Bistra Yaneva form Kaufland Bulgaria emphasized on the requirement to the specialists at the company for having a command of foreign language and practical knowledge. Their ideas, points of view and experience shared Sotir Nemov from the company C Commercial 7, Nina Boyadzhieva from the ProCredit Bank Bulgaria, etc.  

Prof. Bistra Boeva is commenting on the relations business - university.

Prof. Boeva expressed her thankfulness to the large companies for they shared their experience and problems. In her presentation on the Relations Business - University she examined the assessments of the European Union and World Economic Forum, decisions of the last Europeans Forums, prognostication for demands of knowledge and skills in the future. She cited ‘the assessments in the context of Global Competitiveness Index (GCI): cooperation in the field of research and developing activity’ - according to it Bulgaria has occupied 74th place from 138 countries being at 112th place during the last year. About the future demands of specialists in 2020 she outlined the tendency of increasing the specialists in the field of business and financial operations (second place) and engaged with sales (fifth place) as well as the tendency of decreasing the specialists in the field of office and administrative service, lawyers, people working for the media, etc. Among the countries having the skills necessary for 2020 the first place has occupied by Finland and our country is at 53rd position.

The discussion topics of the Forum were related to the competences of students graduated from the UNWE and the business demands as well as to the education in the field of international business and international economic relations in a partnership with the business in various fields. It was discussed also the potential of the International Economic Relations and Business Department in the lifelong learning on actual topics of interest to the practice.

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