20th Jubilee Tennis Tournament for Rector`s Cup for Lecturers and Officials

Friday, 20 May 2016 13:55

At the tennis-courts of Bonsist Sport Complex was held the final competition from the 20th Jubilee Tennis Tournament for Rector`s Cup for lecturers and officials of UNWE. The Tournament was organized by the Academic Sport Club of UNWE St. George the Victorious and by the Physical Education and Sport Department.

During the final competition

In the sport event took part 26 competitors divided into two groups of 6 and 7 couples defined after the die was cast in February. The groups were playing on the system everyone against everyone and after the ranking a semi-final matches were held between the winners from both groups.  

In the semi-final match Sen. Lect. Dr. Ivan Stoilov and Nikolay Yordanov, former competitor in the football team and longstanding participant in the Tournament won a victory over Sen. Lect. Dr. Spas Stavrev and Georgy Yordanov. In the other group Assoc. Prof. Jivko Draganov and part-time lecturer Petko Mavrodiev won a victory over Assist. Dr. Diana Miteva and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Nenkov.

In the final match participated Stoilov-Yordanov against Draganov-Mavrodiev. Champions of the Tournament became Stoilov and Yordanov.

The winners: Sen. Lect. Dr. Ivan Stoilov, Nikolay Yordanov, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jivko Draganov, part-time lecturer Petko Mavrodiev (from the left to the right)

During the sport event all the teams played ambitiously with desire for a victory.

At the official ceremony on awarding the winners attended the Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Stattev, Prof. Dr. Georgy Yankov, Chairman of the Academic Sport Club of UNWE, Sen. Lect. Dr. Spas Stavrev, Head of the Physical Education and Sport Department, Georgy Stoykovsky, longstanding lecturer at the Department, Tsvetomir Vladimirov, Manager of Barocco Sport, the Chief Secretary of the Club Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marko Dimitrov, the Chief Referee of the Tournament Sen. Lect. Kiril Germanliev, lecturers, officials and students.

Sen. Lect. Kiril Germanliev, the Rector Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev, Prof. Dr.Georgy Yankov, Sen. Lect. Dr.Spas Stavrev (from the left to the right)

“The 20th Anniversary of the Tournament is unique because the Tournament goes out of its teenage and goes in more mature age. I appeal to you and promise you to keep this tradition and to expand it because it is easy to break off the traditions but it is hard to create them”, outlined the Rector. He expressed his thankfulness to the Chairman of the Club, to the Managing Body of the Department and to the participants.

“We create a wonderful academic tradition”, shared Prof. Dr. Yankov. 20 years ago we decided to establish an academic sport club of lecturers and official at our university. It is a wonderful age full of vitality, energy and potential for future development. I hope that the 25th as well as the 50th Anniversary of the Club will also be celebrated. The Cup is named after the Rector and no other university in Bulgaria has such a tradition – Rector`s Cup in Tennis. It turned out that Prof. Stattev is very zealous for the Club and he is its upholder and member since its establishment, pointed out the Chairman of the Club and greeted all the participants in the Tournament.

The Rector awarded the winners and Prof. Dr. Yankov gave to each participant the Honorary Sign of Participation and a T-shirt with the Tournament logo.

Sen. Lect. Dr. Ivan Stoilov is receiving Rector`s Cup.

The winners

Prof. Yankov awarded a Plaque to the Rector as a sign of thankfulness for the commitment and support as well as on the occasion of the Tournament jubilee (in the picture below). Prof. Stattev honoured the Chairman of the Academic Sport Club of UNWE by a Plaque of Appreciation as a sign of thankfulness for his longstanding efforts and on the occasion of the Tournament jubilee.  

A Plaque of Appreciation by Prof. Stattev was awarded also to Tsvetomir Vladimirov for the support and organization of the sport event (in the picture below).

The Rector awarded Georgy Stoykovsky, Honoured Master of Sports and longstanding lecturer at the sports department of UNWE. On behalf of the Academic Managing Body the Rector greeted him on the occasion of his 75th Anniversary and the half century jubilee of his golden medal in the sport discipline triple jump as the first European champion of Bulgaria in athletics. “You are among the greatest persons of our native sport – a participant in two Olympiads, four times Balkan champion, seven times champion of Bulgaria having a huge contribution to the university sport development, an authoritative and favourite lecturer for 40 years”, reminded the Rector about the achievements of the sportsman in his Greeting Address to him. “Dear teacher, I will always keep in my mind wonderful memories of the times when I was your student. You made me learn to love the sport and you taught me your lessons in responsibility and humanity through your personal behavior. You made me believe that with discipline and hard work can be strengthen not only the body but also the mind for which I will always be grateful to you”, pointed out the Rector.

Georgy Stoykovsky and the Rector

“Thank you for the hearty words by the Rector. He is a treasure for us, use him, he has an attitude to the sport and it is obvious. Go in for sports!”, said excitedly Georgy Stoykosky.

The special award for fair play in the current year was awarded to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andrey Nonchev.

After the official ceremony on awarding the participants made a photo together.


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