Students Forum Entitled I and The Business

Tuesday, 01 March 2016 16:55

For a fifth consecutive year Enterprise magazine organized the Students Forum entitled I and the Business. It was implemented in partnership with the Marketing University Center and by the assistance of the UNWE Students Council as a host. The event was held at the Maxima Aula for the third or fourth year students and Master`s degree students from all Bulgarian universities who would like to have career development at the Bulgarian and multinational companies in the country. Among the guest lecturers were Atanas Raykov, Director of Telecom Partnerships and General Manager of Viber for Central and East Europe, Dr. Svetoslav Tsenov from the Amgen-Bulgaria, Vladislav Grancharov, Manager at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise-Bulgaria, Nikolay Garnev, managing partner at the EY-Bulgaria.

During the Forum in Maxima Aula

The presenter Nadya Gogova, manager of Enterprise magazine greeted the attendees and guest lecturers. Experience, practical examples and advices for you will share young managers realized themselves successfully at the large companies and corporation in our country, pointed out to students audience the presenter.  

This Forum is among the approved university events, it becomes larger and develops more and more, outlined Denis Dimitrov, Chairman of the Students Council. You are here to find answers of many important questions as well as to participate in a creative dialogue with the lecturers, paid the attention of his colleagues Denis Dimitrov.

Denis Dimitrov is welcoming the participants in the Forum. On the right: Nadya Gogova, Dr. Nikolay Vankov and the lecturers

“To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the love of children… to appreciate the beauty, to find the best in the other people, to leave the world a bit better … to know that even one human being breaths easier because of your existence. It is the success!”, cited Ralf Emerson`s thought the Chief Assistant Nikolay Vankov, Deputy Director of the University Marketing Center. He wished the students to find their success and to make their career road in Bulgaria.

Why the Right Questions are More Important Than the Right Answers was the topic of Atanas Raykov. In his statement he classified the questions “what” and “how” pointing out the key question “why”. The presentation of Dr. Svetoslav Shterev was about the Innovations and Biotechnologies - New Opportunities and Nikolay Garnev spoke on the topic entitled For Being Good You Should Like Your Profession.

During the presentation of Atanas Raykov

In the afternoon discussion panel the students had the opportunity to solve cases in the field of human resources, marketing and sales as well as to listen to the advises of young managers and entrepreneurs learning different point of view about the career development and the team work.

Questions  by the students

The workshop topics were defined by the Amgen-Bulgaria, EY-Bulgaria and Hewlett Packard Enterprise-Bulgaria. Modern Communication Aspects of Chronic Diseases – practical casus / How to Keep the Employees for Being More Successful Tomorrow - practical casus with the participation of Nevena Kovacheva, leader in human resources and global mobility services for Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo / Prepare Business Plan for IT Product were some of the topic titles.

Participants in the workshop in the Large Conference Hall

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