The Rector Awarded Certificates to The Winners in The National Competition in Economics

Thursday, 18 February 2016 16:40

The Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev awarded Certificates to the winners in the National Competition in Economics for high school students which took place on 13 February at the Test Center of the university. At the event in the Ceremonial Hall attended Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stela Raleva, Vice Rector of UNWE, Prof. Dr. Ognyan Simeonov, Chairman of the Association of Economic Schools in Bulgaria, Assoc. Prof. Lilia Yotova, Dean of the General Economics Faculty, Emilia Ivanova, Director of the National Trade and Banking High School (NTBHS).

Prof. Simeonov is greeting the winners. On the right next to him: Prof. Stattev, Assoc. Prof. Raleva, Assoc. Prof. Yotova, Mrs. Ivanova

Prof. Simeonov greeted the winners in the Competition and expressed his confidence that they would achieve success also as students at the UNWE. According to the regulation of the Competition their results are recognized as successfully passed examination for prospective students at the UNWE in the subfield of Economics, Society and Human Resources for the academic year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 which depends on whether they are in their 11th or 12th grade of education.

You have done the best choice of university, said to the future students Prof. Statty Stattev and presented the UNWE. The Rector outlined that it is the leading university in the country meaning its quantitative and qualitative indicators. He gave an interpretation of its motto: “The Spirit Makes the Power” and presented its 47 Bachelor`s degree specialities, 10 of them in the English language, its 100 and more Master`s degree programmes, the Erasmus Programme for students mobility, joint Master`s programmes with foreign universities, etc. You are on the verge of exclusively great opportunities which I am sure you`ll put in the best use, said Prof. Stattev.

Prof. Stattev is wishing the future students “Good luck!”

The Rector emphasized on the contribution of Prof. Ognyan Simeonov to the implementation of practical relation between the secondary and higher education as well as to the establishment and successful activity of the Association of Economic Schools in Bulgaria.

The Rector is awarding the Certificate to a student girl from the NTBHS.

“Welcome, dear colleagues!”, greeted the pupils Prof. Stattev. Today you heard the student anthem for the first time and you will hear it in the future as alumni of our university.

Assoc. Prof. Stela Raleva also awarded Certificates to the winners.

The winners in the Competition were greeted also by Assoc. Prof Lilia Yotova who presented the General Economics Facullty and the specific of education at the UNWE. The Dean wished the future students to be again in the Ceremonial Hall after for years to get their diplomas as Bachelors of the university.

Assoc. Prof. Yotova awarded Certificates too.

I am happy for being a Director of the NTBHS because five sixth of the winners in the Competition are our pupils, said Emilia Ivanova. He expressed her thankfulness to the Rector Prof. Statty Stattev and Prof. Simeonov for their idea and great recognition suggesting the NTBHS to obtain a statute of base high school for UNWE.

Emilia Ivanova
Our future students in front of the monument of Prof. Stephan Bobchev – founder and first Rector of UNWE

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