Public Lecture on The Global Economic Trends and How Can Bulgaria Make Use of Them

Thursday, 26 February 2015 15:25

Dr. Evgeny Kanev, managing partner of the investing financial and consulting company Maconis spoke to lecturers, students and representatives of the business about the Global Economic Trends and How Can Bulgaria Make Use of Them. The public lecture was organized by the UNWE and the Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI).

Our university is a place where are discussed actual economic issues focused mostly on the business, pointed out at the opening of the meeting Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Valentin Kisimov, Vice Rector in Electronic Organization. He outlined that the public lecture is a specific demonstration of the active cooperation between the UNWE and the SCCI after the bilateral agreement between both institutions signed in January. This meeting gives an effect to the joint discussions for the development of economy, said Prof. Kisimov.

During the opening of the meeting. From the right to the left: Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Valentin Kisimov, Georgy Chernev, Dr. Evgeny Kanev, Nikola Zikatanov, owner of Villa Melnik

Thankfulness to the UNWE Managing body for the effective cooperation was expressed by Georgy Chernev, Chairman of the Managing Board of SCCI who has graduated from the UNWE. He outlined also some future partner activities between both institutions. He expressed his confidence in the necessity of a close relation between the science and the business and presented briefly the activity of SCCI and the guest-lecturer. 

The lecturer

We live in a global space, in splitting times with huge dynamics of events, emphasized on the situation Dr. Evgeny Kanev, Master of Science and Doctor in Macroeconomics from the UNWE. He pointed out that it had been difficult to be made long term strategies but the important trends in world and European plan could be highlighted and the place of Bulgaria in them could be projected. The lecturer described the features of the new economy and examined the “creative destruction”, global economic trends in all sectors, the transatlantic partnership for trade and investments, etc. 

Attendants at the public lecture

Dr. Kanev determined the new balance between the economy and politics, examined the electronic-linear financial system, made an overview of the global economic trends in the industrial sector, commerce, healthcare, energy, etc. The lecturer commented also the trade unions and their “abilities” or “dangers”, the foreign trade of Bulgaria and the USA in a comparison, the opportunities of EU and our country for economic growth, workplaces and competitiveness. In the end of his speech the lecturer explained the possibility for repeating the old model of growth and outlined that it depends on us whether we will go in the way of growth or in the old tracks leading downwards. 

In the Large Conference Hall

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