Graduates from the Entrepreneurship Department on The Brink of Successful Career

Friday, 19 December 2014 12:35

The fourth alumni of Bachelors of Science from the speciality Entrepreneurship, the youngest one at the UNWE and the first alumni of Masters of Science from the speciality Family Entrepreneurship obtained their diplomas. The official ceremony on awarding was attended by the Rector of the university Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Stattev, the Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Valentin Goev, the Head of the Entrepreneurship Department Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Kiril Todorov, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic H.E. Marian Yakubotsi, chairmen and representatives of chambers and banks, entrepreneurs and managers, relatives and friends of graduates.

The Rector Prof. Statty is greeting the graduates. On the right next to him: Prof. Kiril Todorov and H.E. Marian Yakubotsi

The ceremony on awarding of diplomas was opened by Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Kiril Todorov, Head of the Entrepreneurship Department. He outlined that the systematical education in entrepreneurship at the university had been implemented ever since 1991 and the speciality had been among the pioneers even in Western Europe. Prof. Todorov emphasized on the international contacts and projects, relations with the business, education of ours and foreign students and the scientific achievements. The Head of the Department reminded to the graduates the words of Peter Draker saying that the entrepreneurs manage to find business opportunities where others see only chaos. The entrepreneurs always look for a change, respond to it and use it as an opportunity, gave advices to the graduates and wished them successful career development Prof. Todorov.

The young entrepreneurs

I could not miss this ceremony for many reasons: because of the rich history and serious achievements of the Entrepreneurship Department, said the Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Stattev. He also reminded about the past in order to outline the fact that today the entrepreneurship is built up again and the success is obvious. Be proud of graduating this elite speciality at the largest and the best university, its students find over 90% professional realization at the labour market, greeted the Bachelors and Masters of Science the Rector. For four years you have made a large step in your spiritual improvement and let your diplomas be a new beginning in your development, said Prof. Stattev and wished the graduates and their relatives merry Christmas holidays.  

Prof. Statty Stattev

The Rector awarded diplomas and certificates of Excellent Bachelor of Science to the best four graduates who had achieved the highest results during their education (in the picture below).

Success and good luck wished in Bulgarian language also H.E. Marian Yakubotsi, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic who bestowed diplomas too.

Greetings from the Slovak Ambassador

Prof. Valentin Goev, Vice Rector on Scientific Research Activity reminded to the Bachelors of Science that they had to continue their education in Master`s degree and invited the Masters of Science to apply for a Doctoral degree.

Prof. Goev is awarding the Diploma to a graduate girl.

The ceremony on awarding of diplomas was attended also by H.E. Temirtay Izbastin, Head of the Diplomatic Mission of Republic of Kazahstan in Bulgaria, Thomas Bichan, Deputy Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, Ilia Keleshev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Machine Building, Gergy Chernev, Chairman of the Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gergy Belovsky, Executive Director of the District Heating Sofia, Dr. Kiril Grigorov, Manager of the Municipal Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises (MGFSME), Emma Vita, Deputy Director of Confindustria Bulgaria, Ilonka Karatodorova, Director of the Small and Medium Enterprises and Agrarian Business Directorate at the DSK Bank, Diana Parigvozdeva, Chief Expert at the DSK Bank, Zhanet Popova, entrepreneur, AMET company, Bogdan Vasilev, Manager, Petrov PM company, Ivan Kotsev, entrepreneur, Raizen company. They addressed greetings and wishes to the graduates.

Prof. Todorov and H.E. Temirtay Izbastin are awarding the Diploma to one of the 65 Bachelors of Science from the speciality Entrepreneurship.

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