Diplomas for The Young Specialists in Marketing and Planning

Friday, 14 November 2014 18:25

At an official ceremony in Maxima Aula the Marketing and Strategic Planning Department sent off its Bachelors of Science from the 58th alumni of speciality Planning and the 10th alumni of speciality Marketing. At the event attended the Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc.(Econ.) Statty Stattev as well as the lecturers from the Department, relatives and friends of graduates. 

At the opening of the ceremony. From the left to the right: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galya Mladenova, Vice Dean of the Management and Administration Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pencho Ivanov, Head of the Marketing and Strategic Planning Department, Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Stattev, Rector of UNWE, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Katrandzhiev, Deputy Head of the Department, Chief Assist. Dr. Yovka Bankova, Scientific Secretary of the Department
In Maxima Aula

It is true that the time flies quickly. More than four years ago we were together for the first time in that hall and then you joined the elite and authoritative family of UNWE and you go forward to something new related to your dreams and ambitions, said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galya Mladenova, Vice Dean of the Management and Administration Faculty. This journey finished, you obtained knowledge as well as new friends for a life time and had various experiences. You changed your view of life and became more mature, summarized the Vice Dean. She appealed to the graduates not to forget the way to our university because it is proud of the names of the greatest Bulgarian economists as well as of its youngest graduates – intelligent people having a great potential.  All they approve that the UNWE is a leading academic institution, emphasized Assoc. Prof. Mladenova.

Young specialists in Marketing, you have graduated from the speciality having a particular status, wanted and attractive speciality, said to Bachelors of Science from the speciality Marketing Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pencho Ivanov, Head of the Marketing and Strategic Planning Department. The marketing conception is the most modern and the most humane managerial conception, pointed out Assoc. Prof. Ivanov and outlined the career perspectives as “an exclusively wide space for activity”. ‘The marketing gives a lot but there`s also a hidden sting in it”, reminded metaphorically the Head of the Department and added: implement the marketing as a very serious economic activity, “pave a trail in the thick snow because the experience in practice is modest and the situation is difficult”. The marketing is not a beautiful advertisement, it is an education concerning various kinds of activities, outlined also Assoc. Prof. Pencho Ivanov. 

Young specialists in Planning, being a professional in planning is not a service and position but it is an attitude of mind and a way of life, said to the graduates from the speciality Forecasting and Planning Assoc. Prof. Pencho Ivanov. He reminded them that they should find professional realization in that unique economic function. You are alumni of the Department of the most eminent economic personality in our country - Acad. Evgeny Mateev and so be his followers, wished the graduates Assoc. Prof. Ivanov.

Graduated family

My presence here is not a coincidence, it is not an accident, outlined in his greeting speech the Rector Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Stattev who cited the names of his lecturers related to the Department. Be proud that you have graduated two emblematic specialities for our university, emphasized Prof. Stattev to Bachelors of Science. And I am proud of the fact that the Head of Department has built up one of the best specialities studied in the English language at the UNWE, added the Rector.

The Rector is awarding a Diploma and a Certificate to the excellent Bachelor of Science

You have graduated from the University №1 in the country and in the region, the university where have graduated six Prime Ministers, six Ministers of Foreign Affairs and fourteen Financial Ministers of Bulgaria during the transition period, said Prof. Statty Stattev. For four years you have made one step forward in your spiritual development and the most important thing in life is the spiritual improvement, cited a thought of Socrates the Rector. Make also the other steps – to the Master`s degree, Doctoral degree, professional development… I wish your next steps be also so successful!

The graduates Atanas Panayotov from the speciality Forecasting and Planniing and Alexander Alexandrov from the specialuty Marketing expressed their thankfulness to the university and to their lecturers. All we are part of the best family at the Department of the best university, outlined Alexander loudly applauded by the attendants in the hall.

Atanas and Alexander (on the left)

The Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Stattev awarded the diplomas to the four excellent graduates from the speciality Marketing and to one excellent graduate from the speciality Forecasting and Planning. They received also Certificates of Excellent Bachelors of Science.

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