Annual Information Meeting: Together More Informed Since Today

Tuesday, 07 October 2014 14:25

Students from the university assessed the opportunities for professional development by upgrading their education with a parallel training and good professional career. The annual information meeting entitled Together More Informed since Today oriented the first year students to the chance for additional qualifications, general and specialized language courses, professional development and postgraduate qualification. The meeting in the Large Conference Hall was organized by the Student Council, Inter-University Center for Career Development and the Institute of Postgraduate Studies at UNWE.


Students in the Large Conference Hall

The guest-lecturers in the event Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jordan Bliznakov, Director of the Inter-University Career Center and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Stoychev, Head of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies at UNWE presented to students the only one of its kind Career Center in the country and the leader in the postgraduate study in economics, management and law having a guaranteed quality according to the requirements of the European standards.   

Assoc. Prof. Bliznakov (on the right) and Assoc. Prof. Stoychev

After his presentation Assoc. Prof. Jordan Bliznakov examined in details the main tasks of the Inter-University Career Center related to its information and consulting activity. He outlined that the main objective of the Center is to help for the professional orientation of students and assist their relations and cooperation with the business, to work for the full realization of young specialists. Assoc. Prof. Bliznakov specified also the various projects of the Career Center: the scholarship programmes, business master classes, traditional Career Days whose next edition on 4 December would gather at the UNWE leading companies from the country. The Inter-University Career Center is a winner of two national awards for the conduction of Career Days, outlined the opportunities for a good professional start the Director of the Center.

During the presentation by Assoc. Prof. Ivan Stoychev

The guarantor for successful business in the economy of knowledge is the Institute of Postgraduate Studies, pointed out Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Stoychev. He explained to students the mission and vision of the Institute and its priorities. The preparation of specialists with high qualification and abilities for creative application of knowledge in all spheres of the public life is the main task of the Institute. Assoc. Prof. Stoychev presented the Center for Economics and Management, Center for Finance and Accountancy, Center for the Quality Management and International Projects, Center for Facultative Education, Center for Vocational Education as well as the School for Foreign Languages Training. The Institute of Postgraduate Studies is the place where students can obtain additional knowledge and career opportunities.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jordan Bliznakov and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Stoychev gave valuable advices to the students encouraging them to continue their development and growth in the professional career.

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