The Sixth Alumni from The Joint Master`s Degree Programme in European Business and Finance between The UNWE and Nottingham Trent University Has Graduated

Monday, 29 September 2014 11:40

In an official academic ceremony the diplomas to the sixth alumni from the Joint Master`s Degree Programme in European Business and Finance between the UNWE and Nottingham Trent University were awarded. The sixteen graduates were greeted by Prof. Statty Stattev, Rector of UNWE, Prof. Nigel Healey, Vice Rector of the Nottigham Trent University and Director of the College of Business Law & Social Sciences and H. E. Jonathan Allen, Ambassador of the UK to Bulgaria. At the event attended the Vice Rector in Education for EQD of Master and Distance Learning Prof. Veselka Pavlova and the Heads of the Joint Master`s Degree Programme from both universities – Assoc. Prof. Emil Helienek and Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Nenkov.

Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Nenkov is opening the ceremony. On the right next to him: H. E. Jonathan Allen, Prof. Statty Stattev, Prof. Nigel Healey, Prof. Veselka Pavlova, Assoc. Prof. Emil Helienek


Graduates in the Ceremonial Hall

It`s a great pleasure for me to congratulate the sixth alumni from the Joint Master`s Degree Programme between the UNWE and Nottingham Trent University, outlined in his greeting speech the Rector Prof. Stattev. He reminded about the beginning of the Programme opened eight years ago pointing out that the seventh alumni had begun its semester at the British university and the admission of the eight alumni had been implemented. The interest in this exclusively important Programme is very high as for its graduated as for the lecturers and our university, outlined the Rector.

The Rector is greeting the Masters of Science.

Today you will obtain the consecutive and may be the most important certificate in your life, said the Rector and appealed to the Masters of Science not to forget the university they had graduated from. The UNWE and Nottingham Trent University have a glorious history and traditions and they both are exclusively respected educational institutions. Let they both be always in your hearts because you have all the reasons to be proud of being their alumni, said Prof. Stattev. We have to continue the traditions proving that as it has always been since the establishment of our university 94 years ago as also in the future our university will continue to strengthen its position of a generator of the managerial, state and business elite of the country, emphasized the Rector.

I would like to congratulate you on behalf of all my colleagues from the Nottingham Trent University, addressed to the graduates Prof. Nigel Healey. The world has changed a lot for the last 50 years and it will continue to change also in the next half a century. Who would predict the Internet, smart phones and the membership of Bulgaria in the European Union 50 years ago! So the best way of investing in your future is to invest in your education, said explicitly Prof. Healey. Your education has implemented in Sofia and in Nottingham and thus you have known different countries, cultures and traditions. You have chosen the right way and have to continue learning, researching and going forward. We are expecting for you because you are always welcome in England, said the Vice Rector.

Greeting speech by Prof. Nigel Healey

His epistles to the graduates addressed also H. E. Jonathan Allen: you will have more exams in your life but nobody can take away from you the education. Ask and change the world, have a good luck! You have studied in the most beautiful English city where I was born, shared in the Bulgarian language the Ambassador.

H. E. Jonathan Allen

Prof. Stattev and Prof. Healey awarded the diplomas to the Masters of Science. Special certificates for their excellent grades were given to Mila Zasheva and Lyubomir Genov.

Mila Zasheva (in the picture below) expressed thankfulness on behalf of the Bulgarian and English lecturers and wished her colleagues a successful career.

The Rector awarded to Prof. Nigel Healey the Commemorative medal of Prof. Stephan Bobchev – Founder and First Rector of UNWE. He was distinguished for his significant contribution to the development of the academic cooperation between the UNWE and Nottingham Trent University and the Joint Master`s Degree Programme.

Prof. Stattev is awarding the Commemorative medal to Prof. Healey.

Prof. Stattev awarded to H. E. Jonathan Allen and Assoc. Prof. Emil Helienek a crystal statuette having carved in it the monument of Prof. Stephan Bobchev. He invited the Ambassador to come again and deliver a public lecture at the university.

The attendants in the Ceremonial Hall stood one minute in silence in memory of the lecturers Boychinka Yonkova and Assoc. Prof. Boris Landjev.

Graduates from the European Business and Finance can work as specialists and experts in the field of the national and international business, at the corporate companies, financial and non-financial institutions, central and local administrative bodies.

In front of the monument of Prof. Stephan Bobchev

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