Students Assessed Some Advantages of State Officials Work

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 0:00

When you are young and you have just graduated Bachelor`s or Master`s degree and after your euphoria of receiving the diplomas has passed then you face the question: Now what? You start looking for a job but almost all the companies seek only employees with an experience. Where can you acquire an experience if you do not still professionally orientate and if you do not still know to what kind of field to orientate.

Lecturers and students who learnt about some advantages of state officials work.

Most people associate the state administration with a boring and monotonous work, low salary and no opportunities for professional development. However, it`s not so in practice. It was explained by Ivan Neychev and Olga Cherneva, representatives of the professional union of state officials.

At the meeting organized by the Students Council, both professionals told the students about the advantages of state officials work – as an opportunity for personal and career development as well as an involvement into the management process. Employees in this field get a wide range of contacts at national and international level through the conferences they attend and they also acquire higher qualification because they get the right to educate in Master`s and Doctoral degree programmes at the most prestigious universities in the world. Young people are the future of the state administration because they are ambitious and creative. UNWE provides for professional education to the future state officials, said Mr. Neychev.

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