His Excellency James Warlick Commented The New Meaning of Multilateral Diplomacy to Students

His Excellency James Warlick, Ambassador of USA in our country spoke to students at the Maxima Aula on The New Meaning of Multilateral Diplomacy. The meeting was organized by the Students Council of the university.

For about one hour and a half watching the time in a businesslike manner, the ambassador succeeded to analyze the most important topics of the theme and to answer the great number of questions of attendants at the hall. James Warlick is also the winner of two honorary awards of UNWE – Honorary Mark of the Rector and the Figurine of the university founder Prof. Stephan Bobtchev. He stood at the proscenium of the aula and directly communicated with students at the hall. The Ambassador outlined to his listeners that the world was very different today and contrary to the widespread assertion that USA weren`t interested in the other states opinion the American politics was oriented to the unification of forces in the name of defined goals. Giving some examples of “the issued zones” in the world – the climate changes, global terrorism, nuclear weapon and so on, he appointed that a multilateral collaboration was necessary to be found a political solvation of the world issues. Reminding about the seismic marine tsunami that hit Myanmar last year and the continuing problems in the region, the diplomatist emphasized that USA might have zero impact in such cases if countries had tried to cope with the problem themselves.

The Ambassador Warlick who stays in Bulgaria for almost two years, has visited UNWE several times. Presenting his business card, Kaloyan Dimitrov, Chairman of the Students Council pointed out that the diplomatist is always welcome as a lecturer at the university.

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