Training Seminar of the Emerald Group Publishing

Thursday, 03 October 2013 17:35

A Training Seminar organized by the Emerald Group Publishing and the Ministry of Education and Science was held at the university library, Reading Room 2. Martin Lorance, editor of magazines in the field of international economic relations, law and ethics at the Emerald Group Publishing presented to lecturers and students the road of an article to its publishing.

Emerald Group Publishing is a leading independent publishing house with a global influence on the scientific researches in the field of education, business, management, engineering, social and political sciences. Our lecturers Prof. Ivan Dushanov and Prof. Silvia Trifonova are members of the editorial boards of the Emerald Group Publishing magazines.

Stanka Tsenova, Director of the University Library and Central Archive Directorate opened the Seminar and presented the Emerald Group Publishing.

To publish you should work on Doctor`s or Master`s degree dissertation, to have a completed project, fight with a problem with no clear decision, have a presentation given at a conference, particularized the capabilities for authoring Martin Lorance.  He specified in details how to “survive” after the editor evaluation, why should examine the magazine and what happens if you have broken the terms of publication. “Many articles are rejected directly because they don`t meet the requirements of the journal. They do not even get to evaluation of content.” Usually editors and evaluators monitor for counterparts in the field of interest and originality, but it is important also the positioning, clarity, practical implications and the conclusion of the study. “If your article is rejected, always ask why, do not accept it personally, correct and try somewhere else, but never give up”, encouraged the authors Matrin Lorance.

Martin Lorance

The editor gave advices on structuring the text, its evaluation for authenticity and applicability, the title (a short keyword phrases), the size of the summary, etc. The publication of the scientific research means that the article has been enhanced, promoted and reliable. Each study that has been published, has a QA stamp - "someone other than you thinks it is good!”

Martin Lorance did not miss to note the impact of social networks which he called "our friend”.

During the Seminar

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