Happy Holiday to All Bulgarian Economists!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013 14:50

For the 8th consecutive year Bulgarian economists celebrate their professional holiday. 11th of June was determined as a professional holiday of Bulgarian economists by the Ministers Council Decision №320 of April, 29th, 2005. It was made on the occasion of the 110th Anniversary from the foundation of the first Bulgarian Economic Association which in 1990 was renamed Union of Economists in Bulgaria.

On the occasion of the professional holiday Prof. D.Sc. (Philosophy) Krastyo Petkov, Chairman of the Union of Economists in Bulgaria and lecturer at the UNWE addressed to his colleagues. He pointed out that Bulgarian economists had many reasons of being proud and morally pleased with their professional community because:

“The Union of Bulgarian Economists is the successor of one of the first professional guilds and associations founded after the Liberation (1895): Bulgarian Economic Association. The initial objective of this noble initiative - to work for "the advancement of people's livelihood" - is also relevant in the present days. Bulgaria is experiencing a severe economic crisis. The welfare of the majority of Bulgarians is put to a serious test. In such historical situations the economic science is called to help the government and people in their efforts to prevent the looming economic and social disaster;

For many years eminent intellectuals, statesmen and guild leaders have devoted to the cause of our Union. Bulgaria`s economic elite has proven itself in the history as an integral part of the nation bearing with responsibility the mission of intellectual leadership in crucial times. Today we are faced to a similar challenge again: to trace out the road to the economic recovery, material and social prosperity of Bulgaria;

Bulgarian economists have never put up with the idea for the development of Bulgaria as peripheral / buffer zone in Europe, as a country doomed to come up forever with its richer partners. In the last 20th century as a nation we have experienced periods of remarkable economic progress, we have made breakthroughs in key areas of science and technology, material production, education and culture. The key to success now is in the alternative strategic solutions, non-standard and specific for Bulgarian conditions. The progress will depend crucially on the contribution of the Bulgarian economic science.

Therefore, the professional holiday is also an occasion for intellectual mobilization, for a harsh intensification of the creative and public activity in the guild of Bulgarian economists.

The achievements of the past should not be used as a substitute and excuse for the misunderstood expert neutrality in the present days. It is namely the belief grounded in the calendar of professional events of the Union of Economists in Bulgaria which is full of discussion forums and participation in projects involving one the most prepared researchers and practitioners from Bulgaria and abroad.” (…)

In his address Prof. Petkov also said: “Today, we, the inheritors of Bulgarian Economic Association must pay the tribute respect to its founders. And, along with this, we must be worthy successors of their historical covenant: we must be together with Bulgarian people and we must be a pro-active part of the civil society – whenever there is the greatest need of the national creative intellectuals.

Happy holiday to all Bulgarian economists!”

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