Prof. Yulian Vuchkov Is Awarded by The Title Honorary Professor on Theory of Artistic Culture

Thursday, 28 March 2013 15:40

At an official ceremony at the Center for Intellectual Property Prof. Yulian Vuchkov was awarded for his academic contribution by the title Honorary Professor on Theory of Artistic Culture. The distinction was conferred on him on a suggestion of the Intellectual Property Department and Decision of the Rectors Council at the UNWE. At the event attended the Rector Prof. Statty Stattev, the Honorary Rector and Head of the Intellectual Property Department Prof. Borislav Borisov, the Vice-Rectors, lecturers, students, lots of guests and among them were the eminent cardiologist Prof. Mladen Grigorov and the famous producer Prof. Lyudmil Staykov.

During the ceremony (from the left to the right): Prof. Statty Stattev, Prof. Yulian Vuchkov and Prof. Borislav Borisov
At the Center for Intellectual Property attended the Rectors Managing Body of the university

“Prof. Vuchkov is an emblematic name in the Bulgarian artistic culture. Due to his talented pen in the golden pages of our artistic culture will stay forever the history and development of our cultural institutions and fortunes of the greatest Bulgarian authors. It is an indisputable contribution which we appreciate on its merits”, pointed out in his speech the Rector Prof. Stattev. He outlined that Prof. Vuchkov was an author of the first textbook for students in the discipline Theory of Artistic Culture and expressed thankfulness for his 10 years of lecturing activity at the university. The Rector examined the author`s contribution, valorous civil position, his uncompromising exactingness, brilliant erudition and fight for purity of Bulgarian language which the Rector determined as an emanation of the research activity and work, vital and professional credo of Prof. Vuchkov and peculiar textbook on intelligence and human knowledge. Prof. Stattev also pointed out that the new Honorary Professor was a follower of the valuables and mission of the founder and first Rector of our university Prof. Stephan Bobchev whom would be celebrated the 160th Anniversary in 2013.

“Your honouring with the title Honorary Professor is our recognition for you as an authoritative theatrical, literary and television theorist, essayist, historian, founder, journalist and publicist”, outlined Prof. Stattev and wished Prof. Vuchkov health and scientific longevity.

The Rector is giving the Honorary plaque to Prof. Vuchkov

Prof. Stattev bestowed to Prof. Yulian Vuchkov Honorary plaque signed by him and by the Honorary Rector Prof. Dr. Borislav Borisov.

The Honorary Rector bestowed a special Honorary diploma to Prof. Vuchkov and outlined some of the motives for honouring him with the distinction. Prof. Borisov pointed out that the Honorary Professor had been a regular lecturer at the Intellectual Property Department, initiator of the discipline Theory of Artistic Culture and his book of the same name was exclusive in its structure, content and speech and it had been studied so far. The issues in the book Theory of Artistic Culture (2000) had been further developed in his book Art Management (2002).

Prof. Borisov also determined the author as “exacting, one of the few people who understand the meaning of the words”, a man with “a rich speech”, good friend and colleague. Let God give us more professors of such kind in our academic life, wished Prof. Borisov.

The Honorary Rector is giving Honorary Diploma to Prof. Vuchkov.

The honoured with an academic title, Honorary plaque and diploma Prof. Yulian Vuchkov expressed his thankfulness for the high distinction and outlined he was especially happy of that recognition which he would bear with proud. He pointed out that he was an author of more than 27 books and his lecturing activity at that largest Bulgarian university had been an important page in his life. He said his work at the UNWE was inspired him to write the books Theory of Artistic Culture and Art Management.

Prof. Yulian Vuchkov is expressing his thankfulness for the high distinction.

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