Masters of Science from UNWE Participated in The Initiative Titled Youth Vision for Development of Bulgaria under The Aegis of The President

Wednesday, 19 December 2012 11:55

Denitsa Krasteva, Master of Science on Sociology, Tsvetoslava Kotlarova, Master of Science on Economics of Human Recourses with specialization Human Recourses Management and Alina Garkova, Master of Science on Political Science and Assistant on a project in the European Network of Political Foundations, (ENoP), Brussels were among the participants from the UNWE in the initiative titled Youth Vision for Development of Bulgaria under the aegis of the President Rosen Plevneliev. Along with their colleagues from 35 universities in the country graduated educational degree of Bachelor or Master of Science with best results, our alumni had the opportunity to suggest solutions of issues in the field of economic development, foreign policy, defence and security, law, regional development and national infrastructure, etc.

Alina Garkova presented her standpoint on The Foreign Policy Role for Building of Positive Image of Bulgaria Abroad. Their attitude on the topic Challenges and Perspectives to Youth Employment expressed Tsvetoslava Kotlarova and Denitsa Kratseva.

A photo with the President. Denitsa Krasteva (the first girl on the left) and Tsvetoslava Kotlarova (the last one on the right)

“The important decisions for the future should be made in a dialogue and neither a politician could make the decisions for the future of Bulgaria without inviting young people because the issue of what Bulgaria would be in 10-15 years could be decided by you, by your competence and motivation, by your desire to make yourselves such Bulgaria where you would live in”, outlined the President Rosen Plevneliev.

At the meeting with the President on December, 5th, 2012 was discussed the idea of implementing a dual system in the secondary education (training in the process of work), the law regulation of students internships and opportunity to be financed the education of students at the universities by the business, the upcoming referendum in January, the creation of interactive guide-book for popularization of Bulgarian culture as well as an exchange of information about Bulgarian and international projects and events in the country by a national website for culture, etc.

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