From The Small Rocks to The Big Peaks

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 11:05

We meet with Kancho Dolapchiev at the foot of a wall. It is not 8848 high but it is fearful enough even when you look at it from below. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kancho Dolapchiev is one of the most famous Bulgarian alpinists. He has participated in three expeditions in the Himalayan mountain – in 1981 to the peak Lhotse, in 1984 – Everest and in 1989 – Annapurna. On the peak Everest Bulgarians have climbed along the West ridge of the mountain.

He works at our Department for a second year and he is a trainer in sports climbing. “First you learn how to overcome your fear. When you look at the wall it seems impossible to climb it but after you succeed to do it the feeling is unbelievable. You become more confident in your strength. Climbing is most of all a sport of the will – you learn to overcome your initial fear. That`s why the hall and the wall are a wonderful acquisition for the university”.

According to Dolapchiev the alpinism gives freedom. “The city divides people according to the thickness of the wallet and in the mountain all are equal. For me the alpinism is the road from the small rocks to the big peaks. Why should students play sports? Because after some time most of them become managers and begin working mostly sitting by the table in front of the computer. In the sport the investment is not paid as it is paid from a restaurant or shop – right now or after a year or two. It is paid over the years because when you play sports more you are more hard-working. All the economists know that”. 

Assoc. Prof. Dolapchiev on Annapurna

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