Excellent Graduates from Speciality International Economic Relations Received Rewards from The Corporate Commercial Bank Again

Thursday, 06 December 2012 16:45

Ten Bachelors and Masters of Science graduated by excellent results from the specilaity International Economic Relations received portable computers as a personal donation from Tsvetan Vasilev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Corporate Commercial Bank.

Mr. Vasilev is a member of the Trustees Council and holder of the Honorary Mark of UNWE – the highest distinction of the university. On behalf of him the rewards were bestowed by Mr. Ilian Zafirov, Member of the Management Board and Executive Director of the Corporate Commercial Bank.

During the ceremony on rewarding.

At the ceremony on rewarding attended Assoc. Prof. Marcho Markov, Head of the Economics Department and Assoc. Prof. Ivan Stoychev, Head of the International Economic Relations and Business Department.

“I am very glad that the business is interesting in development and realization of the graduates from speciality International Economic Relations. Thanks to Mr. Vasilev this ceremony has become a tradition.  For years our best students have received a serious incentive not only by the subject reward but also by the opportunities for their internship and career development”, said Assoc. Prof. Stoychev.

“The gesture of the bank to the excellent graduates is not only material but also a symbolic way to wish them success in their further career development”, outlined Mr. Zafirov.

Mr. Zafirov is giving rewards.

Here are the names of the excellent graduates: Marieta Stefanova, Stefan Atanasov and Miroslava Markova (Bachelors of Science, International Economic Relations), Margarit Arnaudov, Venelin Ivanov and Diana Kotseva (Bachelors of Science, International Economic Relations by education in the English language), Lyuboslava Markova and Daniel Nedelchev (Masters of Science, International Business), Ivaylo Vasilev (Master of Science, International Projects Management), Nina Dimitrova (Master of Science, International Economic Relations).

Rewards for the best graduates. (In the picture on the left - Assoc. Prof. Marcho Markov).

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