Guidance Book on Academic Reading and Writing for Students

Monday, 26 November 2012 14:40

During the Scientific Conference on the Provision of Professionals for the Foreign Activity of Bulgaria organized by the International Relations Department was presented the book Academic Methodical Guidance Book on Academic Reading and Writing for Students. It is an academic aid for reading and writing of scientific texts and it is elaborated for educational purposes in Bachelor`s and Master`s degree programmes of the professional field Political Science by lecturers team of the International Relations Department – Chief Assist. Dr. Maria Bakalova, Chief Assist. Dr. Boyko Valchev and Chief Assist. Dr. Plamen Ralchev. 

Two of the book authors – Chief Assist. Maria Bakalova and Chief Assist. Plamen Ralchev

In the academic aid are given directions for critical reading and academic writing which develop the skills for text analysis. In it can also be found practical recommendations for structuring and formation of a course paper work and basic requirements about it, academic essay wring, etc. Students should know why, to whom and how to write. We`ve tried to “break up” those features and skills which our students should have to raise their competitiveness, pointed out Dr. Bakalova and Dr. Ralchev.  

The book which will also be useful to students from other professional fields and specialities at the UNWE, is a result of the project НИД 21.03-10/2008 with Head - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andrey Georgiev.

The book will be available at the UNWE library and also in electronic format by the Internet.

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