A Forum on The Provision of Professionals for The Foreign Activity of Bulgaria Made A Future Strategy

“International Relations Department is the first one which has started educating students on International Relations. What`s more it has set up the beginning of Bulgarian academic tradition and approved it, it has created a school in the research of international relations and foreign policy”, pointed out the Rector of UNWE Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Stattev at the opening of the Scientific Conference on the Provision of Professionals for the Foreign Activity of Bulgaria. The two days Forum was organized by the International Relations Department and lecturers, students, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many others participated in it. 

Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Stattev (on the left) and Prof. Dr. Georgy Genov

Praiseworthy is the idea to be celebrated the 36thAnniversary of the Department by a Scientific Conference with ambitious purposes: to be given a new meaning of the 4  decades experience in the academic scientific research activity and tradition and to be made strategy for the future, said Prof. D.Sc. (Econ.) Statty Stattev. He pointed out that the Department was a leading center for research the issues of the modern international relations, foreign policy of Bulgaria and the international cooperation and the lecturers of the Department enjoyed the academic community authority. The Rector reminded about the foundation of the Political Sciences direction at the university which has differentiated the international relations out of the speciality Law and he also outlined that the university had all the grounds of being proud with that direction and its three specialities. “The choice of the Conference topic - Provision of Professionals for the Foreign Activity of Bulgaria - is an evidence for the academic responsibility of scientist and lecturers. And I would say also: an expression of academic courage in the situation in which we are”, pointed out Prof. Stattev and stated his conviction that in discussion wouldn`t be missed the events in our country and a serious scientific praise would be given to them. The Rector also assessed the Department work and its high requirements to the students in their preparation for professional realization. “It won`t be a boast if I say that the product of our International Relations Department has higher quality and it is preferable by the professionals because lecturers at out Department know how to give not only knowledge but also to” load” students with the necessary amount of self-confidence and to make them experts in the field.” Prof. Stattev specified that during their education the Department alumni obtained a wide common culture as well as serious economic and legal preparation. That`s why it`s not a coincidence that the Department alumni are deputies, ministers, deputy ministers, higher state officials and some of them lectured at the prestigious universities in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, outlined Prof. Stattev.

Participants in the Conference

The Head of the International Relations Department Prof. Dr. Georgy Genov examined chronologically the activity and stages of the education after 1976 – according to the interest of Bulgarian foreign policy and the prevailing features of our foreign political priorities. He outlined that discussions in the society and the volume of the foreign political activity were oriented mainly to the European Union and “we may say that to great extent the foreign policy of Bulgaria is economized”. Prof. Genov also traced the themes for work by the Forum and the scientific discussions. 

In the Forum participated also students from the speciality International Relations and speciality European Studies.

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